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Saturday, April 24, 2010

U-mai Ya @ The Place, Damansara Perdana

As you know U-mai ya has a few branches and the most common one is located in Damanasara Utama aka Uptown. I'm just lazy to go too far to dine so just go to the nearest place from my house. When I look at their menu I fund that it's something different than the one in Uptown and it looks like the one in Hartamas where I used to go as well which is Aoyama but nevermind I'm still gonna get my food here.

Appetite was a little smaller this time so had go for the soft shell crab maki which I found the size is smaller comapre to the one I had before in Aoyama coz Aoyama had the same dish as in U-mai ya
Something different that I tried here is Bangkok Roll which it's contained of baby octopus and avocado.(thumbs up)
Address: Ground Floor, The Place @ Damansara Perdana

Ho-Kyang Korean Food @ The Gardens (next to justlife)

It's been a word of mouth around people saying how good and cheap is this Korean food whereby having a pretty lady boss which made in Korea as well. So I'd made a move and try out the food here and guess what even just a small little stall in The Gardens food court you still have to queue to get a seat coz it's a peak hour during lunch.

Looking at their menu from the price range RM9-RM15.90 and the photo outcome all in red due to kimchi ingredient and me myself hates kimchi coz some strange taste but for this I'd made an exception and hit it with spicy kimchi chicken and it's my frst time seeing Korean food served brown rice! so healthy!! and the gravy for this chicken you unable to resist it.. try it yourself and you tell me how you like it as well hahaha...

I love their Kimchi fried rice too, just that it's a little too oily but acceptable =)
Ok Ok... come to the most boiling point.. their seafood pancake is a GO! it's crispy and it's taste even better if you dip with your spicy kimchi chicken sauce hahaha.. try it!
Address: The Gardens,
Food Court Lower Ground Floor (in front of Just Life)

Pier 39 @ The Strand Kota Damansara

A new developed area in Kota Damansara which is The Strand. This part of shoplots is pretty quiet but you never believe that you are paying half a price for food which have the standard of Delicious just maybe it's because the consultant used to consult Delicious as well hahaha...

I'd ordered a Chicken Salad which cost RM6.80!

Their set lunch is worth to eat as well only RM12.90 you can have a wholesome plate with Ice Lemon Tea!
This is their pineapple rice with BBQ chicken. The way they prepare the chicken is good and the aroma taste of it just taste like honey roasted chicken! (thumbs up)
Address : back row of CIMB Bank of The Strand


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