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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dragon One @ SS2 (next to Murni)

You will never notice this Shanghainese Restaurant.. coz me myself did not notice until one day my DD says wana go there coz it's just next to this busy Murni, so no one will notice there's another restaurant there. Suprisingly the food is really good..

Their fried glutinous with crab meat is so chewy dewy and taste good too

To balance the meal, we get avocado dim sum and it was awesome too but caution: it's pretty hot when it serve so becareful

The durian pancake is good but just sadly the durian taste is frozen

No credit given to the egg tart coz not as I expected crunchy

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chilli Pan Mee @ Kepong (next to HSBC)

It's lunch time again and my colleagues had decide to eat at this chilli pan mee shop and it's really hotness! I'm too greedy and had scoop 2 big spoons dry chilli into my noodle and I almost fire up, so I warn you guys that if you think you can take the hotness and accidently before trying and add in 2 scoops you will end up like me fire up hahaha

Address : Next to Kepong HSBC

Pizza Uno @ Bandar Utama Centerpoint

As you know pizza uno is a Spainish dining restaurant and they serve good pizza and used to serve a very good brunch in the weekend and sadly they had discontinued it coz I'm suppose to enjoy it over the weekend but .... =(

well not gonna be worse when you can have their Illy cappucino where they blends it well and the taste is strong enuff! kudos! i love it.. love the bitterness... uuuuu yummy!

To start the meal, kick off with their mushroom soup and the bowl is pretty cute..

Adam ordered a Aglio Olio coz he is on DIET!!! hahahaha

And I get myself a weekend special, baked cod fish and the taste is so good.. with capsicum, tomato, spinach.. a hearty meal =)

Address: Ground Floor Centerpoint
Bandar Utama

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wonder Milk @ Damansara Uptown

Been long I notice Wonder Milk and keeps wondering what is it about, either a cafe or a lepak place and finally they had changed their signboard which it's good for them as well as before their signage is a canvas so not many people will notice but now is in a huge board.Their concept is good as it's like a hippies concep.

They sell cup cakes and it's delicious cup cakes..

This is cute the shape like a .... hehe.. i didn't say is that ar... you think only hahha...

A sweet cup cake with a latte is best!
This cup cake taste real good it's called Red xxxxx paiseh ar I forgot hahahaha... just get it by refering to this photo hahahaha....

Besides the cup cakes they have sloppy fries which it's fries with minced meat

And sandwiches like BBQ chicken too with a lot chips!

Address: No. 41, SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.

Contact : 03-7725 8930

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Xian Ding Wei 03012010 @ 1Utama

Again I'm back to Xian Ding Wei @ 1U and this time with Andy and his mom, once woke up I feel empty and only think on mind is to go out, out and out and to get people to cheer me up, since everytime i'm da one who puts a smile on others. Feels a bit akward when Andy asked me to join him and his mom but guess what she is cool!

The exterior of it was simple but elegant enough and it's catchy!

Andy and his mom ordered a lot of food whereby I'm still had the same dish steam cod fish..

Andy had two soups and one of it is Taiwan Buddha Jump Over The Wall soup but it doesn't looks like one even I never try a buddha jump over the wall.

Another soup is... I forgot what is it called

Extra dish which is the fried chicken chop and it taste like marinated with "nam yue" not really tasty coz pretty hard.

Another fried chicken nuggets, it taste like Uncle Bob which you can find in any "pasar malam"

Andy's mom got a dessert, beans dessert and it's HUGE.... and guess what she can finish it and I just able to help out with the fruits as beans is my restriction for medication period..

Address : Ground Floor, 1Utama New Wing (opposite Cravings)

Xian Ding Wei @ 1Utama

A new restaurant has arrive 1 Utama, which is Xian Ding Wei, a taiwanese restaurant and since it's food restriction again... so I got a steam cod fish and it's good.

Same goes to their braised pork rice, double thumbs up

Jon get their fried beef and the taste is good too

CHINOZ @ The Gardens

Never try the cuisine at Chinoz besides their Tiramisu which is damn good, and I got so bored and got no idea what to eat this time at Gardens besides Alexis, so had just walk in to Chinoz and ordered a Magherita Calzone and it's not too bad and also the ingredient is not a restriction to me for this medication period.

Adam had ordered a Carbonara and I bet it's good

Needs some booster so I'd ordered a cappucino and it's damn good.. they uses a thin cup whereby you can really taste the coffee.

Address : Ground Floor, The Gardens (next to Robinson)

Pasta Zanmai January Special

It's the month of January 2010! and as usual Pasta Zanmai has prepare the special menu of the month and I'd ordered the unagi with onsen egg and a katsu don..

Lotsa gravy but the rice is too little...

The katsu don portion is HUGE!

Address : Lower Ground Floor, Old Wing One Utama


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