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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hokkaido Ramen Santuoka @ Tokyo Street Pavilion

There's another ramen shop in town and here comes the urge to try it since I was in Pavilion last weekend for a shopping spree.

It's good to dine when it's not time for dinner yet or else you will needs to queue for long!

Eddy is checking out what he would like to have and as a result I saw in foursquare a note that a friend left saying the premium pork ramen is worth to try and so we did and no doubt it awesome, the soup is mouth watering and compare to Marutama Ramen in Fahrenheit 88, Santuoka Ramen taste 10x better! and we ordered a regular portion at RM36 for sharing.

I had ordered their Caesar salad RM13, at first we felt cheated due to the portion but after taste it, we got no more question for it, as the sauce that they had was fantastic, there's touch of cream cheese and onsen tamago.
Besides, we do also ordered a Gyoza, 5piece at RM10,  the dough is soft and the sweetness of Gyoza is just irresistible, I would say 5pieces is not enough hehe
 So done all makan-makan, remember to floss it haha..

Taste: 8/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Ambient: 7/10
Location: Hokkaido Ramen Santuoka, 6th Floor Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

Ginza Cafe at Tokyo Street Pavilion KL

Finally in this one good afternoon I able to sit back and relax and enjoy the atmosphere in Tokyo Street in Pavilion KL. There's is a huge lantern on the escalator area while you going up to Tokyo Streets at the 6th floor.
By browsing around the restaurant and cafe, and this Ginza cafe pastry is eye catching!

The bread display is from the entrance and there's table for dining in the cafe too, where you can also grab the bread and pass to the ground staff to as for a re-heat and send to your table.

The bread price range is from RM3.00-RM10.00 . So this is the bread I grab ;  melon bun, cheese bun, and bacon bun for RM3.90 each, the melon bun had a crispy layer and the cheese bun and bacon bun both are good, and lucky enough they are doing their opening promotions with all the buns having 30% discounts!

Grab their croissants as well for RM3.90 but the croissant do not have the crisp and nice butter fragrant.
Had also ordered a Strawberry Tart RM12.50. It's so refreshing and too bad the strawberry is a bit of sour but overall taste is good, and they do have a layer of almond at the bottom which makes you crave for more.

How can all this cakes and pastry go without a cup of cappuccino!! and here you go a Kitty Cat decor on the top layer of cappuccino for RM8.90

Taste: 6/10
Value for money : 8/10

Location: Tokyo Street, 6th Floor, Pavilion KL


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