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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 1 KUL-TPE (4th November 2010) with full Taiwan itinerary

Here goes our 10 days itinerary in Taiwan;
Day 1 - KUL-TPE
Day 2 - Yeh Liu & Jiu Fen (within Taipei)
Day 3 - Taipei - Tai Chung (Sun Moon Lake)
Day 4 - Tai Chung - Chiayi (Alishan)
Day 5 - Chiayi - Tainan (historial place)
Day 6 - Tainan - Kaohshiung
Day 7 - Kaohshiung - Hua Lien
Day 8 - Hua Lien (Taroko National Park)
Day 9 - Hua Lien - Taipei (hot spring bath, Taipei 101)
Day 10 - TPE-KUL

Let's start the journey... our flight it's 9.50am but due to some headcount problem ur flight had been delayed an hour and we reach Taipei around 4pm. It's our 1st time take off with Air Asia X and it was huge and can't believe so many people are flying to Taiwan hahaha...

Upon our arrival, there's faces of pretty boy band Fahrenheit welcoming guest.

Not to missed out the conventional Welcome to Taiwan billboard =P

Lynette had applied for the "bao bei ji" means mobile phone for youth traveler where you can also apply it from if you are within the age of 18-30. This mobile is on loan basis during your stay in Taiwan and was given NTD100(RM10) credit to make calls. After your application is accepted, you will have to collect it from the information counter right after you come out from the arrival hall. Here goes our free NTD100 calls credit! hahaha.. but it isn't enough though.

For those who wana get in touch with frenz via whatsapps or other messenger application, buy a local sim and top up for 5 days of unlimited data usage for only NTD350! means RM7/day up to max 5 days. Expired then top-up again lor...

Not to left out the youth card can also entitle you for special discounts and rebate in selected participate outlet.
Ok mobile phone done, luggage taken.. and now we needs to proceed to the airport shuttle bus counter and it's just NTD125(RM12.50) from airport to town which approx 1 hour journey. Got a bag tag number after you store your luggage in the bus cabin
Once we reach town, we meet up with Nicole and she brought us to grab some dinner of local delicacies, where we had "yangchung bing" aka roti prata with bawang haha.. and it was good
Like this junkie feel kitchen ware next to the prata stall...

and we also had the "won toon" dumpling.. a very huge one
After filling our stomach with roti prata and dumpling we quickly check in to hotel and drop our luggage. We had book the Teacher's Hostel and surprisingly it was clean and comfy. For 3 pax it's only NTD1650(RM165) it's just 5min walking distance from the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall MRT exit
Soon after we done chucking our luggage in our room, we went to Shi Da night market and Nicole had park her car at the Teacher's University parking lot. While walking out towards Shi Da night market, I can feel that I'm in the filming of Taiwan drama due to the school environment we always watch on tv! haha.. we passby the assembly hall and some buildings which looks so cool.
 and sorry if the B&W photo looks creepy, due to low light so i just turn it into B&W ahaha...
Anyway besides the famous Shi Lin night market, Shi Da it's also the best option where most of the locals prefer to go Shi Da, lotsa fashion with low price you can get and not to miss the food!

Soon after we done explore Shi Da, while on our walk back to get the car, we swingby this famous bread store. Once step into it, you'll feels like buying all the variety of bread they sell.. from fancy cakes to awesome made bread with bacon filling and more!!! i'm missing the bread with bacon d... =(
and here ends our Day 1 in Taipei....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sushi Heng @ Asia Cafe Subang

Was recommended by Patric to Sushi Heng in Asia Cafe, where he claimed that Nicholas Heng can do wonders and gives you surprises. Well of course as a first timer you will not believe what people say until you try it yourselves.

Sushi Heng is surrounded by others stalls in the food court and what can I say for a sushi stall in a hawker centre is that Sushi heng really decorate nicely for his stall. A truly Japanese ambient.

 Check out the fresh Salmon and too bad I don't like raw haha...
 Had ordered something not from the menu which is the Samurai Special. It's with soft shell crab and others ingredient where Nicholas will create, this is the surprises I meant earlier ;)
   The taste of strawberry is refreshing when you have the first bite and follow with the soft and juicy soft shell crab with ebi tempura it's just heavenly! Samurai Special with 8pieces it's for RM25

 check out a higher range of Tobikko, it's in golden color

Value of Money :7/10

Address: Sushi Heng @ Asia Cafe
No. 2, Jalan SS 15/8,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact: 016-9299886


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