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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sushi Heng @ Asia Cafe Subang

Was recommended by Patric to Sushi Heng in Asia Cafe, where he claimed that Nicholas Heng can do wonders and gives you surprises. Well of course as a first timer you will not believe what people say until you try it yourselves.

Sushi Heng is surrounded by others stalls in the food court and what can I say for a sushi stall in a hawker centre is that Sushi heng really decorate nicely for his stall. A truly Japanese ambient.

 Check out the fresh Salmon and too bad I don't like raw haha...
 Had ordered something not from the menu which is the Samurai Special. It's with soft shell crab and others ingredient where Nicholas will create, this is the surprises I meant earlier ;)
   The taste of strawberry is refreshing when you have the first bite and follow with the soft and juicy soft shell crab with ebi tempura it's just heavenly! Samurai Special with 8pieces it's for RM25

 check out a higher range of Tobikko, it's in golden color

Value of Money :7/10

Address: Sushi Heng @ Asia Cafe
No. 2, Jalan SS 15/8,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact: 016-9299886


  1. thanks Kelly, sushi and anything Japanese food, here I come! and Subang isn't that far from where I am now... *grin!

  2. Thats near my place! Haha.. Will try it out! :D

  3. wahhhh... looks so delicious lah.. me a big fan of sushi woh... <3 now am craving for sushi... so bad la u kelly... hehehe

  4. alvin and vincy: perhaps both of u can go together since so near hehe
    Mizi: eat is a must isn't =P
    Wawa: haha sry i dun mean to makes u hungry =P

  5. woah the samurai special seems nice

  6. skeptical to try Japanese food especially sishi at hawker centre ,doubt about the freshness of the ingredients :P

  7. wow! i didnt know Asia Cafe sell this

  8. sherry : yea give it a try
    choi yen: i do hv d same thoughts too, that is y my fren bring me else i wouldn't wana try too haha
    J'@nn: me too til my fren bring me there ;)

  9. wow... its nice wor... something special..

  10. wanwan: yea sth different compare to the conventional Rakuzen or Pasta Zanmai recipe haha

  11. hello where's yr foodie pics & post ar?



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