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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eric's Hot Restaurant @ Plaza Damas

Been long since my 1st visit to Eric's Hot where located in Plaza Damas. My first time is for their normal chinese food where you order dishes and eat with rice. This time I try their hot pot which is famous for but sadly no idea why is the business there pretty slow.

Anyway their mixed chilli is awesome where they have a spices bar which you can mix it to fit your taste bud and I had this ALL spices sauce hehe...

They also serve their house tidbits which I found not too bad ^^

Their hot pot some how i feel pretty special coz it's in hectagon! haha

Ingredients for 2 pax, meatballs, fish balls, squid balls... etc etc

And fresh prawns! stil flipping around oo

Address :  Ground Floor Plaza Damas

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moments and Chill Out @ Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan

I always love to go to the beach and enjoy the breeze just to relax. Since I'd been working in city i found that family is very important to me and beach too and I always wish to just sit on the shore chill and relax with couple of friends and just do some talking and yes I finally did it cos I think I practically found the same thought friend. Been sometime I never see Lynette due to our workin time is always clashing, and so happen both of us was in town and I'm trying to value our time.

So I'd proposed for a yam cha session by the beach and I brought cans of beer

And Lynette incharge of snacks!

And we cheers! with Keen Gaik along

Lynette tryin to close up her face so that her parent won;t see her drinkin hahaha...

Supposingly we are suppose to enjoy the starlight but no star so end up looking at thunderlights haha..

Outcome after 1 can of beer haha...

And meet up other bunch of friends, me and Daniel's leg lays on Derek's thigh where he got numb after that XD

And Derek looks so dam nerdy with his new hair cut hahaha...

Flying Chillies @ The Gardens

Once you gonna step out of Malaysia and you knew it's hard for you to get spicy food, so to stop the fuss for craving it when away it's nice to just have lunch in a Thai Restaurant whereby I'd stop by Flying Chillies for lunch on Monday hahaha...

Which when comes to Thai food Tomyam Kung is a MUST! This dish is called Flying Chillies Special Fire Pot For 2 and the soup is super hot which did not disappoint me hehe...

I wonder this Stir Fried Asparagus with Shrimp Paste and Prawn, don't know is it the shrimp paste is salty so it makes the dish a lil too salty.

When this Sizzling Beef with Black Pepper Sauce was served it was so amaze coz the sizzling plate with the sauce sparks around makes me afraid that I will get hurt but no worries I'm fine XD and same goes to this dish a lil too salty, maybe next time if you guys going there should ask for less salt pwssss =P

Last but not least they are running some promo with HSBC card whereby you can get 10% off!

Address: T219, Third Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

RSVP: 03-2287 7708

Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown

Been seeing Umai-ya whenever passing by Uptown but never try it, and finally this fine day after my gym in FF Uptown 2, I'd dropby Umai-ya to try their Jap food and surprisingly the menu is more likely the same in Aoyama Sri Hartamas and makes me wonder is it someone came out from Aoyama and creted this or who copy who to create d same menu with the same dishes name as well.

Anyway the food is good and environment as well. When I wana step into the restaurant I'm looking for their door coz d infrastructure is just too tricky to me haha... and the dining area is comfortable.

I ate the tofu only i notice I forgot to snap photo, anyway the tofu is heavenly awesome and stil had the crunchy layer.

I don't take sashimi but he does.

As always my favourite soft shell crab temaki ^_^

With some stupid look

And big bite! YUM!!

Ok another soft shell crab dish... hmm this is maki! not really good coz the way they fried the soft shell crab not crispy, so not a yes for me =P

Hmmm... I forgot what is this dish call but it's tuna and a lil spicy, but it's good =)

Lastly!!! Macha ice-cream! hehe

Map :

Address : Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant
No 49G,Jalan 21/37 ,Damansara Utama.

RSVP: 03-77264410


Can you believe this that after so many years that Nando's is around and last 2 weeks ago is my first time having it??!!!

Ok maybe I'm just afraid of the taste due to the shop layout but surprisingly it's not as bad as what I thought hehee... so I had the most honourable Hot Peri-Peri.. weee~~~

Sun Hin Loong Coffee Shop

Well, Sun Hin Loong is everywhere within Klang Valley and guess what their toast bread is better than Old Town, my opinion la haha...

I'd try their egg on toast! it was superb!

And also had order the fish head noodle from Kota Damansara branch.. hmm taste not too bad just that the fish a bit boney and fishy smell a bit..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

BaliFeel Restaurant @ Bangsar South

There's a new developement in Kg Kerinchi to be specific but this new are they named it Bangsar South, it's actually a office buildings but there's a few food chain and also upcoming retail shops.

I was so hungry till craving for rice and BaliFeel was just open not long in Bangsar South so I give it a try and it was nice... hot and spicy lover must dropby ^^ and so sry that the photo might looks bad due to my camera running out of battery so I'm using my phone as back up hahaha...

Their Lemongrass Delight drink is nice.. so refreshing

I'd made a order of Kenangan BaliFeel coz there's squid and chicken where what I'm craving for. The chicken is nice and with their blended chilli is a perfect match!

Their Nasi Goreng Kitamani is awesome too.. the fried rice is so spicy and makes me miss it =(

 Needs more umpph for my stomach so order the Otak-Otak, sadly it's not that yummy, taste like frozen Otak-Otak from Carrefour =P

Map :

Address : Lot G-5, GF, The Sphere,
No. 1, Avenue 1, Bangsar South, KL

Contact : 03-2241 3188

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Queenie's 28th Birthday @ La Castle Cafe

I was a bomb shell showing up at Queenie's party and after all I did not meet her in person before but just model for her clothing line and she hardly recognize me when I wish her happy birthday and she was stoned for a moment, but anyway we had a great time ^^

We had cake sponsor by sifu Michael, he is so talented in baking cake, and the first cake let me present to you the black forest

Where you can see the inner cut of it is so unique i should say haha... actually I pretty like the layer contrast =P

The second cake... drum rolll please.... droooooooommmmm.... the cheesecake! I have to declare this that I had a main course earlier and was so full til I give up this cake but after one bite it was just so hard to resist!

Look, even mouse smells the cheese hahaha...

It's time to gather everyone to sing the birthday song to our lovely lady here.. Happy Birthday Queenie!

Look how happy she was =) with two cakes and just two candles ;)

I wonder what type of knife you guys use to cut a cake?! Over here we do not use the term cut, but we use "chop"! hahaha...

Lastly, wine drinking time and Queenie offer "who wants 'jao'(leave in cantonese)" apparently she's asking all of us to leave.. so sad hahaha...

La Castle Cafe @ Aman Puri

It's a newly open cafe located in Aman Puri, it's actually owned by a friend,to show support had ordered this Thai Laksa with extra spicy, it's something different and I like the hotness!

Their Lamb Curry Nasi Lemak is good! The lamb is just so tender

Address : No 13-A Jalan Desa 2/8,
Desa Aman Puri, KL

RSVP : 03-6277 6127

Michelangelo's @ Pavilion

It was once they was offering a good deal during lunch time, so that is how I discover Michaelangelo and their signature spag is nice, forgot what is the dish name but it's with mussels, prawn, squid and I was so hungry so I whack all of it even the portion is pretty huge =P

Over the weekend, meet up my hometown friend so we got no idea to eat and just looking for a quiet place where serve some snacks, and so happen it was 3pm instead of having lunch we order their happy hour snack plate which pretty enough to fill up your stomach ;)

We ordered the mini lamb cutlet

Mini vegetarian pizza and this is real mini haha...

And bacon wrap cocktail sausages.

Address : C3.04.00 Level 3, Pavilion KL,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

RSVP : 03 2141 1123


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