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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Eight Restaurant @ Grand Lisboa Macau (breakfast)

Had done dinner in The Eight and now gonna try their breakfast before I fly off from Macau and with a very blur look just woke up from bed about 11plus in the morning walk down to The Eight and made order for the food which mostly all with shark fin's dim sum..

Start with a puff and it's so soft and crispy.. yumm

This looks like a "wu kok" it's so lil yam and there's prawn in it.. the taste is just.. so... god.. i don't know how should i express the feelings hahaha...

Check out the fillings

Actually I didn't know that The Eight serve dim sum breakfast till I saw from a brochure that this gold fish dish is so cute and only by then I wana discover their dim sum and here comes the gold fish hehe... it's actually a prawn dumpling

Their char siew bao seems not bad too

This is really something different when I look at it, it's like a fortune pocket type of dish

But when you have a bite, oh my.... all the essense and sweetness of this dumpling splash out!

After all this actually I'm pretty full coz the dish serve pretty slow so the food starts to spread all over my tummy but I still have this "tong gao chi", it's my 1st time trying it..

Can't believe there's so much stuff in it and it's so sweet ^_^ with scallops, shark fin's and etc

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