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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moments and Chill Out @ Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan

I always love to go to the beach and enjoy the breeze just to relax. Since I'd been working in city i found that family is very important to me and beach too and I always wish to just sit on the shore chill and relax with couple of friends and just do some talking and yes I finally did it cos I think I practically found the same thought friend. Been sometime I never see Lynette due to our workin time is always clashing, and so happen both of us was in town and I'm trying to value our time.

So I'd proposed for a yam cha session by the beach and I brought cans of beer

And Lynette incharge of snacks!

And we cheers! with Keen Gaik along

Lynette tryin to close up her face so that her parent won;t see her drinkin hahaha...

Supposingly we are suppose to enjoy the starlight but no star so end up looking at thunderlights haha..

Outcome after 1 can of beer haha...

And meet up other bunch of friends, me and Daniel's leg lays on Derek's thigh where he got numb after that XD

And Derek looks so dam nerdy with his new hair cut hahaha...

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