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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens

It's my treat for this dinner at Yuzu as to celebrate my job and as promised the pan-fried Foie Gras! And no regret expression that I see is O.O this is GOOD!

Had spare one piece foie gras to eat along with the Saporro Wagyu cube medium rare and as usual tender.

See how I combine foie gras with wagyu, one mouth full and you will scream!

Got a Yuzu Genzo set and it's huge!!

I'm still figuring what fish is this

Last but not least dessert! got a Kinako Tiramisu and Warabi Mochi both is good

Address : T236, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens, Mid valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

RSVP : 03-2284 7663/7763

Aoyama The Green Room @ Sri Hartamas

Got no idea what to eat and prefer Japanese and only restaurant I don't have to scratch my head to think what to orderis just go to Aoyama and as usual they will just prepare new food hahaha...

Let's starts with this potato creme... you have to stir it and just dunk it after that.. I tasted it sip by sip and it was too salty but when dunk all at one time it's awesome! because this is how you should have it =P

Next Idako salad was serve and it was fried idako with green salad and it's so refreshing! the bite of idako it's like oh my gosh!

Next we have combination of crab meat, unagi, potato, cucumber, and top with sea urchin. When you put it into mouth it's just melt ... drool...
Some small bites of Japanese pizza will makes the day as well where it's was so crunchy of the crust and there's a small piece of grill salmon with a touch of foie gras in it as well.

 Harumaki it's a combination of soft shell crab which some other ingredient and fried it up and it taste yummy!
The last dish it's steam cod fish and the cod fish is so crunchy when you bite it, I never taste a cod fish that when you bite it it's crunchy maybe there's some skin on top of it and there's also a big piece of scallop.

To wrap up the dinner as usual I will go for their ice-cream especially green ytea ice-cream but there's a new ice-cream menu which is the blue one it's with touch of coconut and etc ingredient where it's gives refreshing feelings.

Address : No. 10, Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur.

RSVP :  03 - 2300 0683

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Food Bravo @ Kepong Industrial Park (KIP)

It's lunch time again and all of us in office head to Kepong Industrial Park for lunch to this cafe Food Bravo and once sat down I look at the sign board of theirs it gave me a Restaurant City game feel haha...

I'd ordered pork ribs with sausage steamed rice and imagine it's just RM5.80 but the portion is so HUGE! and it can be share because of the portion and the rice is so tender, add another RM1.50 you can have a drink choice of milk tea/ lemon honey and etc.

The way they decorate the Nissin Noodles is creative too

And this... a heart shape egg, the chef is just so good in making guest feels it's so special, guess what heard that the chef is from Hong Kong... truly Hongkie... wow...

Address : Food Bravo @ Kepong Industrial Park

Sunday, December 20, 2009

MINI Limited 50th Anniversary

Had went to MINI event on 16th Dec 2009 which held at SP Setia showroom and things that makes me feel so flattered is that I saw Joey G!!! oh my...

Once you park your car all the MINI owners had nicely park their car in reserve parking only for MINI

There's one MINI park in front of the entrance

But the long queue during registration is suck

There's an open concept area for smokers

Fun part is you get coupons to redeem freebies!

And I had redeem their tea for TWO and it's combination of MONIN pear with tea.. yumm yumm

There's a lot of gourmet and the once nearest to me is this beef dish but too bad most of the food I can't eat coz I was in chinese medication so a lot food restriction =(

You can see the make up area by REDKEN and MINI fashion collection when you walking in

Joey is explaining the car features... he's cute ^^

Pre-Christmas Holiday @ Singapore

Went to Singapore for a short trip before I started my new job last weekend and there's a public holiday for people who works in Selangor state due to Sultan of Selangor birthday. Had a lot of fun by snapping a lot interesting photo and I saw Sponge Bob Square pants in Suntec City Mall.

Saw this white feather mini xmas tree display in some boutique while walking around Raffles City, it catches my eye.

Waiting Jin Keat and Kevin to off work and we went for a buffet chinese steamboat... eat all you can by ordering in ala carte way @ Suntec City Mall as well.

Before we head to Dempsey Hill, we went to Orchard and take look on the nite lights, it's interesting with 4 big fat Santa Claus.

The street lights is pretty.

And Ferrero Roche sponsor a Ferrero Xmas tree in front of Takashimaya

Paragon decoration is nice too

There's a lot of deer statue tooand sponsor by Miss T

Mall decoration @ Somerset

Love the way people waling around especially in front of Prada hahaha...

After few shots in the city, we went to Dempsey Hill to Wine Cellar for some wine to chill on the nite itself, a nice cosy environment.

And after havin it all of us except Jin Keat looks blush hahaha or drunk? but we're just fine ;)

Second day when I'm there mostly is sight seeing and we went to the national museum

The entrance and the high ceiling is just a WOW....

And when you walk up the stairs you will find the terracotta listening to some mp3 hahaha

Once we're done in the national museum we move on to the art museum

And next to Bugis and I love how the kid got surprised which a sudden water splash while she's playin around the fountain.

There's a new mall in Bugis as well, which is the Iluma Mall, with such unique infrastructure
And even the interior is awesome

There's a Japanese restaurant with a lot of Anime deco

See, how kawaiii is those toy

I'm so tired after all this walkin and when travelling from Bugis to Ang Mo Kio station to catch the bus to Nite Safari, i had sat on the alley in the train -_-

And yeaa finally we reach Nite Safari and able to catch the band performance at 6.15pm @ Entrance

At 7:00pm there's fire performance @ Entrance

After all the show in front of entrance we had proceed to heck out the Tiger and Leopard and the trail took me 2 hours due to I keep snapping photo hahaha

The third day do a lot of eating, and had went to East Coast to have Katong curry noodle and it's awesome!!!

Went to Ion Orchard and it's a very nice place.. look at the LED lights on the escalator, it keep changing

Their food court it awesome too and it doesn't looks like a food court due to all the decorations around

The Japanese cheese cake display is so tempting

And some Korean stall deco

And I saw a pretty special food where the burger is using white bun

After some survey I had finally get a Japanese fish which one is Italy flavour with consist of sausage, tomato, cheese and etc and another is original Japanese flavour which is red beans only

And my favourite mango strudel!!!


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