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Sunday, December 20, 2009

MINI Limited 50th Anniversary

Had went to MINI event on 16th Dec 2009 which held at SP Setia showroom and things that makes me feel so flattered is that I saw Joey G!!! oh my...

Once you park your car all the MINI owners had nicely park their car in reserve parking only for MINI

There's one MINI park in front of the entrance

But the long queue during registration is suck

There's an open concept area for smokers

Fun part is you get coupons to redeem freebies!

And I had redeem their tea for TWO and it's combination of MONIN pear with tea.. yumm yumm

There's a lot of gourmet and the once nearest to me is this beef dish but too bad most of the food I can't eat coz I was in chinese medication so a lot food restriction =(

You can see the make up area by REDKEN and MINI fashion collection when you walking in

Joey is explaining the car features... he's cute ^^

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