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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Food Stalls @ Taman Bahagia

Was having a hectic week last week, so there's not much appetitie for rich taste food, and hit my mind there's porridge selling along Taman Bahagia food stalls, so it gives me a urge to try it and surprisingly it's really good!

Fish Fillet with the fried onion on it, the aroma is so good.

And out of my awareness, fried lala was ordered and as mentioned earlier my appetitie for strong taste food is not there for that nite but I still try it and it's taste good too and I found something in it... come closer.... it's a new born crab but it was dead now hahaha...

Move on to the end stall, need to queue for 20 minutes just to get this  "gao zhi"

And for being kiasu, I order one more Assam Laksa since I had queue for so long impossible just to get few kueh =P the laksa is good!

After all this local food... makes me crave more on ABC which been long I didn't have it coz I couldn't find a nice one around but now... yes! I found it... with peanuts summore! oh my gooooood!!!

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