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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Food Bravo @ Kepong Industrial Park (KIP)

It's lunch time again and all of us in office head to Kepong Industrial Park for lunch to this cafe Food Bravo and once sat down I look at the sign board of theirs it gave me a Restaurant City game feel haha...

I'd ordered pork ribs with sausage steamed rice and imagine it's just RM5.80 but the portion is so HUGE! and it can be share because of the portion and the rice is so tender, add another RM1.50 you can have a drink choice of milk tea/ lemon honey and etc.

The way they decorate the Nissin Noodles is creative too

And this... a heart shape egg, the chef is just so good in making guest feels it's so special, guess what heard that the chef is from Hong Kong... truly Hongkie... wow...

Address : Food Bravo @ Kepong Industrial Park

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