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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Restaurant @ The Strand Kota Damansara

It's just another weekend where cruising for dinner and had come upon Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Restaurant and got attracted with the overall look & feel and here we go, explore this new restaurant in The Strand.
It's a self-service restaurant, so you gotta choose your seafood from the designated counter. There is also a ulam counter. Just a head up to you guys, those display item like soup and keropok in the counter it's not free but chargeable! so becareful when you self-serving hahaha

After choosing your preferable seafood, you will just get receipt and to pay at the counter when you are leaving.
There's this sign written some fish takes 45mins to grill but end up my sting ray and squid also makes me waited for 45mins!
After being attract by the look & feel and waited for 45 mins and the grill fish and squid doesn't turns out good! no seafood freshness taste and chilli paste is not spicy enough.

Taste : 3(look and feel)-2(the taste) = 1/10
Value for money: 3/10

Address: No 25 Jalan PJU 5/25
The Strand Kota Damansara

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hoofed @ TTDI (above Tom,Dick & Harry)

Ha! looks like I'd been not blog for long and even this food review was hosted 2 weeks ago and till now only I got some free time to blog about it.

Anyway, I got a call from Rizal on last last Wednesday asking me over for a food review in Hoofed which just above Tom, Dick & Harry. I knew Hoofed before I go there due to my good brother always hangout there, especially for their pork dish.

I like their interior design, it's spacious and there's a open air area and the ceiling is pieces of bricks which make it special.

Hoofed is gonna launch their new menu, me and a few more bloggers had the review last night hehehe...
The chef of the night is Timothy(on the left) and accompnied by the man behind the bar Shawn(on the right)
We started with the Roast Pork Belly(salty chunks of belly with crispy skin) @ RM17. It was good and was told it had been marinate with chinese "nam yue" and after send for a deep fried. This dish it's beer best companion hahaha...(but too bad I don;t drink haha)
And guess what! the crispy roasted pork is awesome! it's tender and the pork skin is so so so so krispy!!! and I love this picture I capture most! watcha think?!

After having some porky as starter, finally there is vege! which is the Smokin' Duck Salad RM16 (Smoked duck breast, served with mix greens, century egg and hardboiled egg, garden veggies and drizzled with homemade soy vinaigrette. Hearty with robust flavours and an oriental twist)

It's my 1st time having salad with duck meat, pretty interesting and delicious ;)
I did not expect that we will be serve with a suckling pick which Hoofed name it Hog On Board, it's RM170 for whole pig and RM90 for half of it. It's so juicy, sweet & tender meat roasted till crispy and served with homemade gravy. Normally we only eat the suckling pig crispy skin but for this, even the meat is soooooooooo tender!
and check out how it was chop with?! a HUGE ummm can I call that a knife? or a cutter? or.... hmm watever =P
Actually I was pretty full after having the suckling pig but more to go and next is the Braised Lamb Shank @ RM35 (Tender lamb shank served with ratatouille on a bed of bacon mash with gravy), which it's a single portion but it looks like for two coz it was HUGE!
Next, we had Pan Seared Atlantic Cod @RM38(Pan seared Atlantic cod, served on a bed of black eye bean sauce with char grilled peppers) nothing much to shout for this, it taste just normal LOLx
Thank god after so much dishes that we ate, finally comes the smaller portion of sharing a Pork Shoulder Chop @ RM30 and Chicken Chop @ RM24. I prefer the pork chop more than the chicken as the chicken chop taste is still not there yet but absolutely the pork chop is a go which it's sweet & tender!
 both presentation looks da same but the meat is different ;)
And guess wart?! we are served with Bacon Fried Rice @RM18 (Fried rice with bacon , Chinese sausages, egg & mushrooms. A traditional favourite that’s ideal for sharing) just like the Chinese Wedding, rice only served towards the end hahaha... anyway I don't really taste much of bacon here and the aroma of the fried rice it's not there yet.
Done done done with all the main course!! stomach explosion! last but not least dessert! I love it SO SO MUCH!!! it's the Bananarama! it's something like smooth creamy custard with banana,chocolate and grated nuts! one is not enough, I bet you will fall in love with this too ^^

Rating : 7/10 (for the pork!)
Value for money :6/10
Address: No18A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

RSVP: 03-7728 8564

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ecoba Restaurant & Bar @ PJ Trade Center D'sara Perdana (Launch of New Menu)

Was invited by Tim for the new menu food review with 7 others Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers of Ecoba earlier. The new menu will be unveil on 13th Dec 2010 which means 2 days more and you can enjoy more varieties! No more "ham choy" menu booklet and say hello to a wooden finished menu!

After waiting from 8pm till 9:15pm for the full attendance of the Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers... Finally my hungry stomach can enjoy the session where we kick off with the Seafood Kerabu Salad. It's consist of glass noodle, seafood and the Kerabu ingredients but honestly I like this Kerabu salad more than Nasi Kerabu. This salad it's really a good appetizer, with sweet and sour taste of it and yet refreshing ;)
Next we had the Squid Salad which the dressing is wasabi mayonnaise and if you don't take wasabi just like me, please choose those with lesser dressing on it else you will end up coughing and I'm one of them haha...

They do also have sandwiches with the choice of Ciabatta bread or Focaccia bread and also choices of Smoked Salmon or Grilled Chicken. It also comes with lotsa fries and greens! Me personally loves the Smoked Salmon with Ciabatta bread. I can really taste my bread and salmon at the same time ^^
 Next we have the Asian food, the Seafood Fried Rice which comes with a huge prawn and the rice is just nice but the chilly sauce whih comes with it taste a lil salty or maybe this is the way?! Anyway had feedback it haha...
Western side we had this Surf 'n' Turf where this is when you order when you got no idea what you feel like having on your plate but by ordering this you can have prawn, beef, lamb, and salmon.. not only that and salad too hahahaha...
So what do you think they have in the new pasta selection??!! Well they have this Arabiata Spagetti which it's spicy and the impressive part is that, you'll taste some mince meat but actually you can't really see it and the only think you see is brinjal, mushrooms and spaghetti but where magic meat hide? this is really amazing.
 The most excite part is here! which is the medium rare Tenderloin, it's tender and just melt into your mouth. One serving 350g where it's actually portion for 2. Eventually you can share it with your friend or else you will end up stuffing yourself and end of the day look for ENO hahahaa...

Ok... after all this sinful dish, here comes the dessert where we had Creme Brulee to pair with kiwi and mango bites. The creme brulee it's not that smooth or soft but the kiwi and mango bites is refreshing when you pair it with the creme brulee. A new way of eating creme brulee ;)
Besides creme brulee, we also had the Mango Fritters with a scoop of ice-cream but sadly I don't taste much of mango but a lot of popiah skin haha and also had feedback to p.i.c. Kean =D

Ok end of the meal and it's drinking and chilling time... with lotsa cocktails but too bad I don't really drink but I just loves the colors of the cocktails and the fancy names hahaha...

We have the Apple Mojito(also new in menu)

Or you want a Incredible Green? hahaha
Shooters with some laici...

or this?
and this? =D

After all this reviews... I got a good news and a bad news...

Good news is that yay! finally there's more food varieties in the neighbourhood restaurant bar!

Bad news is...... due to Budget 2011.... the price had also slightly increase... wat to do... salt and sugar itself price jack up like nobody business.. so please forgive Ecoba k and enjoy the Oogle hahahaha...

Value of Money : 6/10


Menara Bata,
Ground Floor,
8 Jalan PJU 8/8a
RSVP: 03-7710 1118

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Aoyama Japanese Restaurant @ Sri Hartmas

After so many months and now Aoyama had a new look where they had move to a shop next to them and also had a new renovated look. The first impression on the new look is like wow... such a nice and bright entrance and finally they revamp hahaha...

New cutleries set as well?
As usual I will head to the bar counter so that I can get items which out from menu from the Head of Chef Boon. This time he had prepare something light with single portion for sharing but with more varieties.

We start with something real light which is the cold tofu with crunchy anchovies. Smooth texture of tofu and crunchy yet crispy anchovies it's just a good starter ;)
After the starter, here comes a Onsen Tamago Salada. Normally we eat onsen tamago just like eating half boiled egg. But this time it's comes with salad and the texture of it combine with vege is pretty amazing.
Something which I had been waiting for so so long... Here comes my soft shell crab handroll and yet it stills can't beat the soft shell crab in Kampachi :(
A break time with Edamame(japanese green peas)
Continue with something real interesting. which is the Dobin Mushi, where essence of seafood boiled in a teapot and you pour the soup into a tea cup and drink it. I found it pretty cool too.

Normally we eat tempura of brinjal, prawn, pumpkin and now we have mix slice vege tempura which is the Kitsu Tempura. If you like spicy you can also sprinkle some chilli powder on it, it also comes with a tempura soy sauce for you to dip on.
Actually after having most of the food which so call light, I'm pretty full but Boon had also prepare a Hotatei Shoyu Yaki(grill scallop) it's was juicy tho
Finally done with the dish and no matter how full am I, I still can finish my dessert coz this is my favourite part in Aoyama, which is their Macha ice-cream! woohoo!! as usual more red bean pleaaaaaseeee.... hehehe...
Was also recommend to their coconut mix sesame ice-cream, was told it helps to digest haha.. but I don't think so and the taste is weird and I personally dislike it.
On house a secret recipe dessert which is prep grape with wine and fresh cream on top.. I don't like the taste as I don't really like the taste of alcohol =P but the grape was still fresh haha..

Taste: 7/10
Value for Money: 6/10

10, GF, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 KL10G Jalan 27/70a, 

Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, 

Contact: 03-2300 0683


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