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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hoofed @ TTDI (above Tom,Dick & Harry)

Ha! looks like I'd been not blog for long and even this food review was hosted 2 weeks ago and till now only I got some free time to blog about it.

Anyway, I got a call from Rizal on last last Wednesday asking me over for a food review in Hoofed which just above Tom, Dick & Harry. I knew Hoofed before I go there due to my good brother always hangout there, especially for their pork dish.

I like their interior design, it's spacious and there's a open air area and the ceiling is pieces of bricks which make it special.

Hoofed is gonna launch their new menu, me and a few more bloggers had the review last night hehehe...
The chef of the night is Timothy(on the left) and accompnied by the man behind the bar Shawn(on the right)
We started with the Roast Pork Belly(salty chunks of belly with crispy skin) @ RM17. It was good and was told it had been marinate with chinese "nam yue" and after send for a deep fried. This dish it's beer best companion hahaha...(but too bad I don;t drink haha)
And guess what! the crispy roasted pork is awesome! it's tender and the pork skin is so so so so krispy!!! and I love this picture I capture most! watcha think?!

After having some porky as starter, finally there is vege! which is the Smokin' Duck Salad RM16 (Smoked duck breast, served with mix greens, century egg and hardboiled egg, garden veggies and drizzled with homemade soy vinaigrette. Hearty with robust flavours and an oriental twist)

It's my 1st time having salad with duck meat, pretty interesting and delicious ;)
I did not expect that we will be serve with a suckling pick which Hoofed name it Hog On Board, it's RM170 for whole pig and RM90 for half of it. It's so juicy, sweet & tender meat roasted till crispy and served with homemade gravy. Normally we only eat the suckling pig crispy skin but for this, even the meat is soooooooooo tender!
and check out how it was chop with?! a HUGE ummm can I call that a knife? or a cutter? or.... hmm watever =P
Actually I was pretty full after having the suckling pig but more to go and next is the Braised Lamb Shank @ RM35 (Tender lamb shank served with ratatouille on a bed of bacon mash with gravy), which it's a single portion but it looks like for two coz it was HUGE!
Next, we had Pan Seared Atlantic Cod @RM38(Pan seared Atlantic cod, served on a bed of black eye bean sauce with char grilled peppers) nothing much to shout for this, it taste just normal LOLx
Thank god after so much dishes that we ate, finally comes the smaller portion of sharing a Pork Shoulder Chop @ RM30 and Chicken Chop @ RM24. I prefer the pork chop more than the chicken as the chicken chop taste is still not there yet but absolutely the pork chop is a go which it's sweet & tender!
 both presentation looks da same but the meat is different ;)
And guess wart?! we are served with Bacon Fried Rice @RM18 (Fried rice with bacon , Chinese sausages, egg & mushrooms. A traditional favourite that’s ideal for sharing) just like the Chinese Wedding, rice only served towards the end hahaha... anyway I don't really taste much of bacon here and the aroma of the fried rice it's not there yet.
Done done done with all the main course!! stomach explosion! last but not least dessert! I love it SO SO MUCH!!! it's the Bananarama! it's something like smooth creamy custard with banana,chocolate and grated nuts! one is not enough, I bet you will fall in love with this too ^^

Rating : 7/10 (for the pork!)
Value for money :6/10
Address: No18A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

RSVP: 03-7728 8564


  1. Nice meeting you that night (altho we didn't talk much)...

    (Have added your link to my post)

  2. the interior looks great and the food too! want to try out the food there but I think it'll burn a hole in my wallet xD

  3. ow...tat big knife is so scary..

  4. Happy New Year Kelly ... finally huh? :)

  5. J: nice meeting you too, u're late and u sit far end, anyway thx for the pic of u campturing me and James talking XD
    Chuen: once in a bluemoon, doesn't matter =P
    Miss N, Nikel, M-Knight: the knife is seriously cool
    Tolanic: u afraid of the head meh haha
    J2Kfm: happy new year to you too and yea finally blog it haha

  6. My entire body is trembling with envy at the sight of that gorgeous pieces of crispy roasted 'porkies' :)

    Nice review girl!

    Merry Christmas and a 'Porky filled' new year to you! Here's to 2011

  7. OMG!I am like super hungry now TT LOL



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