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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 2 :: Part 1 YehLiu Geopark (5th November 2010)

We had took the train and after a transit with a bus ride to Kee Lung district to reach Yeh Liu Geopark.

Soon after we reach, we quickly rush to the bus station to catch the earliest bus and yet we still needs to wait half an hour for the next bus ride and it takes about 2 hours to reach Yeh Liu.

There's is a shuttle bus to Yeh Liu Geopark once you stop at the nearest bus stop.

Chin Ni got a student pass so her entrance fee is always half price of ours!

Let me share some info to you bout Yeh Liu Geopark. Yehliu Geopark is famous for its sea-erosion landscape, while most of the spots are very close to the sea, tourists are advised to observe the tour guide regulations in case of the occurrence of possible danger or causing any damage to the natural resources.

Once we get in.. there's this cute statue and we started to photograph haha...

The most famous rock in this geopark is the Queen's head which looks like this
Of course we snap photo with it hahaa...

Even this uncle use a D200x to capture the Queen's head suing tripod as well!
Once we done havin snap shot with the Queen's head, we move on with more breath taking scenery. And the view from observation deck is AWESOME!!!!

It was raining all the way during our observation and here comes 2 malay lady named Lynette and Kelly hahahaha

Really love this place  a lot.. strong wind.. nice stones..
There's another Queen's head which form by the sea too.. which it was place at another area.

After spending 1 hour plus enjoy the view and stones, we quickly look for lunch which there's row of shops right after you get out from the geopark exit. Therefore, we saw a stall displaying fresh oyster and just makes us crave for O-a-chian!! and it's cook by a young chap!

We actually had our lunch in this shop, we ordered a seaweed soup, fried rice and O-a-chian, this 3 dishes for NTD140(RM14) only! cheap uh?!

And here ends the journey at Yeh Liu and after we went to Jiu Fen which you'll find out in my next post ;)

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