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Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 2 :: Part 2 Jiu Fen (5th November 2010)

Soon we done with Yeh Liu and also got stalk by a cab driver to convince us to take his ride, and yea we took it in the end and we got a bad headache after coz his driver skills is madness!

He drop us at Kee Lung and from here we took a bus transit up to Jiu Fen.

Once enter the alley of Jiu Fen, this is where te food expedition starts! Non-stop craving =P and was told by Nicole that Jiu Fen is famous for "Ee Yuen" means yam glutinous which before it was cook it looks like this where it comes with packaging
where after it was boiled and serve with red bean soup, it looks like this
Seriously and honestly this is the best! and what I'm missing most... love the taste of the purple yam ball, it has more texture.

Found another shop selling the same thing and it's more like a family business and been running it for long and I personally love the look and feel of it ;)
and they serve the same way with red bean soup, bet this is the way to make it taste better ^^
Besides trying different stalls selling "Ee Yuen", found a very special way of eating ice-cream, where they grate the peanut freshly and put it on "popiah" skin and after scoop two scoops of ice-cream and wrap it up. It was awesome isn't?!

After one ice-cream we move on trying another ice-cream. Which is Dorayaki ice-cream! coolness!

Been seeing this sausage lady in lotsa people's photo album and finally i met her! and her sausage is not bad besides her being own ambassador for it XD bought a 3 flavours sausage to try on and to me I still prefer the original taste of sausage instead of the garlic and forgot what is the black sausage flavour hahaha...
Besides those yummy ones, found some food which I dare not to try which is this "kueh" which looks like "ang-ku kueh" but it's a bit geli compare to our "kueh" la hahaha

There's a lot of souvenir shop as well but there's always things which is unique and some it's not so choose wisely! hehe

After done going thru the food alley and you will finally end up on some breath taking view of Jiu Fen housing area which on the slope downhill

Along the alley, there's also some nice construct and design shops o maybe because of the weather and people?hhhahha

After going thru the "makan" alley,  and also looking at the nice view.. and guess wart?! we needs to walk back thru the alley to catch the bus to go back Taipei.

Here ends the second day trip of Kee Lung where we covers Yeh Liu and Jiu Fen and back to Taipei explore Xi Men Ting!

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