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Monday, September 17, 2012

Cendol Bakar @ Tg Karang

Yesterday, we decided to go to Sekinchan. During our journey heading to Kuala Selangor, I saw lotsa cars stop by the roadside and at that moment, what is in my mind was..... what are they selling? it must be good stuff.

It's a sign written CENDOL BAKAR, REFILL PERCUMA and the first thing that caught my mind was..... what is cendol bakar? sounds special. There was a drive-thru lane too but we missed that because the traffic is pretty bad and we need to reach Sekinchan before sunset. The drive-thru branch is only available at Assam Jawa

They named it Cendol Bakar, it's not that they burn the cendol but they roast the gula melaka to get a better aroma and taste.

 Photo courtesy by boyzonne
As soon as we got further towards Sekinchan, I spotted another branch of CENDOL BAKAR at Jalan Tg Karang. You can easily spot this because all their location is just by the roadside during the way to Kuala Selangor.
They only have 6 types of cendol range from RM2.00 to RM3.50
And their 'free refill' means free water refill and sirap hahahaha
It's a self service order by filling up a small tiny order sheet at the collect and payment counter, and yea they are giving free cendol bakar to those less fortunate people and for verification show your JKM card (Jab. Kebajikan Masyarakat)
We ordered a Cendol VIP @ RM2.00 and Cendol VVIP @ RM2.50
Cendol VIP consist of nata de coco, selasih, corn and red beans. Love the blend of cendol with refreshing nata de coco.
Cendol VVIP consist of glutinous rice, nata de coco, selasih, corn and red beans. The glutinous rice is soft and it's sweet. The combination of eating icy cendol with glutinous rice is appetizing.
We are lucky enough to taste this Cendol Bakar. It was around 5.30pm, when we finish eating it, the  cendol bakar was sold off too. the staff quickly cover with TUTUP(closed) sign to avoid flowing-in-crowd.

Summary: it's good to explore food by the roadside. More over, it's something unique.

Taste : 7/10
Value of Money :9/10

Business Hour : 11am-7pm

Locations :
1) Jalan Sg Buloh Jeram
2) Assam Jawa
3) Bt 7 Sg Ijok
4) Simpang Kg Chengkau Ulu, Rembau
5) KTMB Kluang Station
6) Jalan Tg Karang

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baba Low's 486 Bangsar

It's a lovely morning today, my fiancé decided to bring me out to Baba Low's authentic Nyonya food for breakfast. It's located in a row of old shoplots in Bangsar housing area and it's just located a few shops away from POCO Homemade. Good food always love to hide middle of nowhere.

A small shop with simple furnishing.

 Back to the grandpa and granny days.
Due to a morning hunger, I ordered a Nyonya Laksa because I'd been craving for curry few days and yay! finally I got to try the yummy Nyonya Laksa. It's simply delicious with rich flavors.

Nyonya Laksa @ RM6.00
Eddy ordered a Nasi Nyonya @ RM8.00 and Ice Coffee @ RM2.20

Scrumptious Nasi Nyonya come with rice and Nyonya chicken.
We also ordered pai tee @ RM5.00 for 4 pieces
Eat the pai tee in one mouth full is just so heavenly!
How could we missed the must have dessert in Nyonya delicacies which is the CENDOL!!! @ RM3.90
Rich flavors of gula melaka with cute little fat and short green cendol it just so satisfying our tummy (big smile)

 Trying to reach the cendol with my tongue hahahaha

Summary: If you wish to have good and cheap Nyonya food, you really have to try Baba Low!!

Taste : 10/10
Value of Money:10/10

Location: 11, Lorong Kurau, 
Off Jalan Maa'rof, 
59100, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 03-2284 8486


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