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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chilli's @ Mid Valley

Well, ok this logo is pretty huge and I got no idea how to scale it down.. but who cares as it's a branding anyway hahaha...

Been sometime that I got not much time to update my blog as the day I vistied Chilli's is the day that I found it's a bad day to me but after all nothing is so bad anyway. I have Ivan with me and Eddy where actually it's pretty akward scene but it's fine now, we're cool =)

Ok let's not talk more and start our makan journey coz I'm starving...

Ivan had this chicken... hmmm...

And Eddy had this prawn with chicken

And me myself I had a combo of beef and chicken quesadilla

And I feel like having some milk feel so I order a bailey's =)

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