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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eric's Hot Restaurant @ Plaza Damas

Been long since my 1st visit to Eric's Hot where located in Plaza Damas. My first time is for their normal chinese food where you order dishes and eat with rice. This time I try their hot pot which is famous for but sadly no idea why is the business there pretty slow.

Anyway their mixed chilli is awesome where they have a spices bar which you can mix it to fit your taste bud and I had this ALL spices sauce hehe...

They also serve their house tidbits which I found not too bad ^^

Their hot pot some how i feel pretty special coz it's in hectagon! haha

Ingredients for 2 pax, meatballs, fish balls, squid balls... etc etc

And fresh prawns! stil flipping around oo

Address :  Ground Floor Plaza Damas

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