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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Eight Restaurant @ Grand Lisboa Macau (dinner)

It's one of a Michelin Star Award restaurant and it's a chinese fine dining restaurant. The entrance of this restaurant is really WOW you... the receptionist will bring you to the walk in and it's automated door and there's a lot gold fish swim around the floor coz there's a projection on top(just like if you aware Panasonic actually do have such technology as well, check out at Best Denki) it's really cool and once I reach the room area I thought that I'm stepping in a fish pond.. scare me for a second hahaha...

The interior, most of it as I can tell is they use this round deco to create the number "8" as well as their theme deco.. nice one ;)

View from sofa, a lil dizzy isn;t?! haha

The wall deco is nice too having gold fish all around

This is another view for the sofa seats

Check out the Chinese Fine Dining cutleries.. I can't imagine why do they need 2 pair of chop sticks just to have the manner on table that the black one is for you to get the dish and put on your plate and the white chop stick is for you to eat your food... awww so messy and I just end up with one pair of chopsticks hahaha...

Ok dinner starts with some small tiny puff(it's complimentary)

And trying out the chinese way of cooking Foie Gras and there's "ba gua" the dried meat with it... something different I could say ;)

Carry on with BB suckling pig!!! this is real awesome, the skin is so crispy

Another way of eating is actually to pair with a thin flour, and it's really a thin one with some sweet sauce and into your mouth! wow..

Was told that their beef was not bad so we ordered but got no idea why is the taste is different this time..

It's been long I never have roast goose so I take the chance to order it coz the portion was told it's not much hehe...

Too much of rich dish so we get a tofu to cool down the dinner but we can't finish it =P

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