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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Queenie's 28th Birthday @ La Castle Cafe

I was a bomb shell showing up at Queenie's party and after all I did not meet her in person before but just model for her clothing line and she hardly recognize me when I wish her happy birthday and she was stoned for a moment, but anyway we had a great time ^^

We had cake sponsor by sifu Michael, he is so talented in baking cake, and the first cake let me present to you the black forest

Where you can see the inner cut of it is so unique i should say haha... actually I pretty like the layer contrast =P

The second cake... drum rolll please.... droooooooommmmm.... the cheesecake! I have to declare this that I had a main course earlier and was so full til I give up this cake but after one bite it was just so hard to resist!

Look, even mouse smells the cheese hahaha...

It's time to gather everyone to sing the birthday song to our lovely lady here.. Happy Birthday Queenie!

Look how happy she was =) with two cakes and just two candles ;)

I wonder what type of knife you guys use to cut a cake?! Over here we do not use the term cut, but we use "chop"! hahaha...

Lastly, wine drinking time and Queenie offer "who wants 'jao'(leave in cantonese)" apparently she's asking all of us to leave.. so sad hahaha...

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