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Friday, January 8, 2010

Wonder Milk @ Damansara Uptown

Been long I notice Wonder Milk and keeps wondering what is it about, either a cafe or a lepak place and finally they had changed their signboard which it's good for them as well as before their signage is a canvas so not many people will notice but now is in a huge board.Their concept is good as it's like a hippies concep.

They sell cup cakes and it's delicious cup cakes..

This is cute the shape like a .... hehe.. i didn't say is that ar... you think only hahha...

A sweet cup cake with a latte is best!
This cup cake taste real good it's called Red xxxxx paiseh ar I forgot hahahaha... just get it by refering to this photo hahahaha....

Besides the cup cakes they have sloppy fries which it's fries with minced meat

And sandwiches like BBQ chicken too with a lot chips!

Address: No. 41, SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.

Contact : 03-7725 8930


  1. it's the 1st time i see fries with minced meat! t looks delicious!

  2. has always wanted to try their cuppies! yet to try, maybe for my birthday HAHAH

  3. theeggyolk: we used to see Conney Dog at A&W butnot a Conney Fries haha and it's really taste good ;)
    Hilda: perhaps you can also get your birthday cupcake at and it taste good too and for now wondermilk cupcake size is shrinking =(
    Ken: it's a good place to chill with some light food ;)



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