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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Xian Ding Wei 03012010 @ 1Utama

Again I'm back to Xian Ding Wei @ 1U and this time with Andy and his mom, once woke up I feel empty and only think on mind is to go out, out and out and to get people to cheer me up, since everytime i'm da one who puts a smile on others. Feels a bit akward when Andy asked me to join him and his mom but guess what she is cool!

The exterior of it was simple but elegant enough and it's catchy!

Andy and his mom ordered a lot of food whereby I'm still had the same dish steam cod fish..

Andy had two soups and one of it is Taiwan Buddha Jump Over The Wall soup but it doesn't looks like one even I never try a buddha jump over the wall.

Another soup is... I forgot what is it called

Extra dish which is the fried chicken chop and it taste like marinated with "nam yue" not really tasty coz pretty hard.

Another fried chicken nuggets, it taste like Uncle Bob which you can find in any "pasar malam"

Andy's mom got a dessert, beans dessert and it's HUGE.... and guess what she can finish it and I just able to help out with the fruits as beans is my restriction for medication period..

Address : Ground Floor, 1Utama New Wing (opposite Cravings)

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