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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Imperial Chakri Palace @ KLCC

Always had a head scratch when comes to food in KLCC. After walking around finally got the feeling to have something spicy and sour just like Thai food! hahaha...Kick in with the typical Pineapple fried rice, the taste of spices is a kick but portion too little for big eater like me hahaha...

I always love their TomYam Gung coz it's sooo spicy!!! the taste is same since few years ago till now! kudos kudos...

Some special dish of the month, soft shell crab. wonder why Thai food do have soft shell crab as well. And as you know is my favourite so I just give it a try and you just can't believe the way the cook it with some gravy which I dunno how to explain it as it's really delicious!

Address: Ramlee Mall (417B)
4th floor

Contact: 603-2382 7788

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