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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rumah Peranakan Authentic Nyonya Food @ Sea Park, PJ

Lunch time again! Felicia is buying us lunch hooray! Rumah Peranakan an authentic Nyonya Cuisine. Heard from my colleagues it's pretty pack during dinner time.
Didn't even realize that most of the shops here is tyre shop or others mechanic workshop there will be such nice restaurant with simple setup just like this.

Pai thee aka popiah in top hat - taste ok
 Honey Squid! is MUST MUST MUST TRY!! crunchy and tasty

Ummm some must have in Nyonya food forgot the name of it but the taste is not really good. So it's ok if I forgets the name =P
Nyonya Tofu(non-spicy) taste is ok... not bad can try ;)

Paku belacan! it's rare to get paku in Klang Valley but I'm quite surprise that they got it here! Normally we can only get paku serve in rural area.
Sambal Prawn with Anchovies. I love the spicy and sour taste of this dish

Address: 4 Jalan Ss 23/11 Taman Sea , PJ
Restoran Peranakan House is located in a secluded corner, near some car workshops, at Taman Mayang, near Taman Megah
 Contact: 03-7966 8553


  1. Hi Kelly,

    The "must have" that you forgot the name is called PONG TEH.

    The taste really depends on the cook. If the cook has not tasted REAL pong teh before, then it will turn out bad!

    But it really is a wonderful dish, IF cooked properly...and with FATTY PORK (yummy!!!)

    Anyway, good job for covering Nyonya food!

    Cheers! :)

  2. I try 4 many times jor, really nice!hahah....vry delicious!^^



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