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Monday, January 3, 2011

Cantina @ KD (Kota Damansara) (CLOSED DOWN 12 July 2011)

Got to know Cantina by Pam. I doubt you will walk in when you passby maybe due to it's exterior. let me tell you, don't judge by it's cover when there's lots to tell with the food they serve! Tonite the dinner menu is all decide by Lawrence and you will amaze with his secret recipe menu which can't be found from the menu! Look for him and get him to recommend!

So now you have seen the outlook. Let me show you what they serve which it's a Halal restaurant run by Lawrence an Eurasian convert Muslim and not only Malays cuisine he serves but also Thai, Indon, Nyonya and Western! where can you find all good halal food with all this different cuisines?

It's my second time to Cantina, the 1st was a buffet with barbeque Western and Asian food and over the weekend had try the West side!

We start off with a Vege Tempura @ RM8 and the flour taste I just got no idea how to describe it but you will crave for more! and also dip on the chilli sauce!
Lawrence encourage diners to have more fiber in their food pyramid so the next dish is a Potato Salad with Smokey Turkey @ RM10, the sauce and fresh potatoes and greens just make this dish goes greener!
After all the fibers intake and here comes the superstar which is the Beef Steak & Cheese Sandwich @ RM10!! you'll definitely ask for more!! We gets lotsa ingredient due to many of us sharing and in it besides cheese and beef there is also egg and it is toasted!! besides that, it was so juicy when you have the first bite!

Besides the Beef Steak & Cheese Sandwich @ RM10, Lawrence did prepare us a Lamb & Cheese Sandwich, where I still prefer the beef hahaha..
We also had a Salmon pizza @ RM12! and the most amaze things besides the crunchy crust, the flour which made the pizza also gave me a shock, where Lawrence uses wheat flour and when I ask him, he said yea I tend to like people takes more fiber which is good for health. It's really impressive isn't?! a shop which looks soooo normal but the menu Lawrence come out with it's a surprised!
Guess wart we had for dessert?! it's Pengat Pisang @ RM3! a Malay dessert which looks like Bubur Cha Cha but this is made with mainly banana, sweet potato and yam. It's my first time trying this and despite it's not a very sweet dessert tho and the aroma it's awesome!

Taste: 8/10
Value for Money : 8/10

Address: 15-1 Jalan PJU 5/15 (it's just behind Old Town)
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.

Contact: 012-380 6910 / 019-3806966


  1. WTF! The sandwich is like eastern lasagna or western matabak. Makes me drool~

  2. Thanks, I'll take it as a compliment to the photos.

  3. Hey Kelly,
    Thanks for your review of the food that I cooked for Pam and all of you. I had no idea that you ran a blog.... Wow, those were really good photos that you took.
    Let me tell all your readers that I find myself always customising the menu to suit the occasion and the guests. Just call me ahead of time.

    Although I have a small menu, I treat myself as a "Live Interactive Menu" in that I often just interview the guests and come up with a selection that will suit them.

    Calling ahead will give us a chance to customise the menu better suited for your guests, especially if we are busy that night.

    My wife and I prepare the food ourselves so we are admittedly sometimes be a little slow if we are not forewarned.

    We hope to see you and your friends again soon so that we can give you another feast of more of our favorites.

  4. kelly is a full fledged full blogger d judgin from the comment above

  5. y-square : u must really try it!
    Cantina: hehe well i alwiz keep my self low in telling ppl i blog coz i dun think my blog is dat good haha, jz love taking photo n comment dat's it haha..

    I would love to go Cantina again n makan makan!! wootz!

  6. Dori: hahaha u over evaluate d la haha

  7. yum! that salad looks amazing!! 8D



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