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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fresca Mexican Kitchen @ The Gardens

Last week, Yvonne, Roger and I went to Fresca and it's a new Mexican restaurant in town and it's really something niche in the market.

Fresca is located next to Han Room in The Gardens and they had took over the lots from M Concept store.
Fresca can accomodate approx. 100pax with the huge area they have
They also do have a room to cater for a smaller function sitting approx. 40pax
Fresca means fresh in Mexican so Fresca serves you only the fresh ingredients and the best in town!
With the recommendation of Meng Jan(the owner) we had our beverages of Hibiscus(taste a little sourish), Horchata(taste like coconut), Mango
We also had a few tapas for sharing which is Chille Rellenous @ RM30, it's a green pepper bell stuff with some rice and after baked, the taste is good and not as bad as I thought it was by it's look hahaha.. love the sauce accompanied with it.
Tacos Ensenada @ RM19.00, it's a wrap with vegetables and fish fillet
Camarones al Ajillo @ RM24.00, shrimp in olive oil and also it comes with something like tori prata, you can do your own wrap or anyway you wish to enjoys it and I had it like a bread and dip with the olive oil from the shrimp
Hongos Rellenous @ RM18.00, bruschetta with creamy mushroom, love the taste of it
Calamari Fritos @ RM15.00, love the sauce they had for the fried squid, it's a perfect match!
Even what we had order is not a lot but it's so filling. And for the finale, we had dessert which is Churros con Chocolat @ RM13.00, their churros is really taste authentic and it's crunchy and the best part of this, their chocolate dip is chilled, a perfect blend for a warm churros with chilled chocolate.
Roger had a Flan de la casa @ RM14.00, I don't really fancy flan but Roger does and there's a juice to cleanse your mouth after eating the sweet flan.

Our total bill after 10% discount by Meng Jan is RM166.50

Value of Money :6/10

Location: Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar
Lot G-242A, Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Midvalley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-2201 2893


  1. Very Nice place indeed! Love the surroundings!

  2. the place is nice the food is nice! but the price..... lol

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