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Friday, February 18, 2011

Decanter @ PJ

The only thing you can do when you dine at the same restaurant which you dine before is either you order the only one food you craving or you gonna try something new in their menu and this round I'm trying something which I have not try before haha...

Had order a Spagetthi ala Marinara RM12, it was flood with tomato puree and i love the gravy! and the seafood are fresh!
Wen How had ordered the fish and chips and he claimed that the size of it had shrink badly =(

While Eddy is having the Beef Starganox RM16, the beef slice is tender and juicy and I dislike the mixed vege taste, it has lotsa garlic =S
We end the dinner by sharing a slice of warm Lemon Cheese Cake RM8 and their cake is just so-so only
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  1. My 1st visit to Decanter last month was forgettable, food was so mediocre ~

  2. hehe maybe not suitable your taste bud gua hehe



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