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Thursday, February 17, 2011

POCO Homemade @ Bangsar

Discover a new dining place in Bangsar and knowing it by reading from a magazine review. It's easier to be found from NSTP. Poco had a very cosy interior deco and it's just gives you a feeling you're some where in Taiwan, maybe it's the color and decor combination ;)

Their menu is handmade too
Had try their Chicken Katsu Don and it's a set lunch with Miso soup RM14.90 but the taste is just so-so

Tried their Omu Rice as well RM13.80 but the taste is just can't beat La Yosh in Plaza Damas and both price is almost the same.
Main course is done and it's time to try their dessert and had their specialty Tofu Cake RM8, the first bite you'll taste creamy cheese and slowly you'll taste yogurt and after you'll taste soy. What an experience adventure! good to try!

They serve UCC coffee as well! a combination to go with the cake ;)
They even got personal touch on their receipt ^^

Summary: a nice place to hangout but it's not a place for food =P

Value of Money : 5/10
Taste : 4/10
Environment : 7/10

Operation Hours:

Address : 1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar 59100 KL.(it's easier access via NSTP, Brickfields)

Contact: 03- 2287 5688


  1. very homely environment and the dessert is tempting me.

  2. Isaac: environment is totally a GO! ;)
    Nava: hehe no harm trying ;)

  3. I've been there before. The food there are nice! but not their drinks.

  4. Xing: oo maybe today the chef is nt in mood but a few frenz of mine dine there before oso said nt nice eh



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