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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Betty's Midwest Kitchen @ Aman Suria

Jeng jeng jeng... back to Betty's Midwest again and last Tuesday is my 4th times and had dine with Pam and Maggie and we had try out something else even how much Maggie missed the Pull Pork Burger hahaha...

We was given a complimentary Dog Food(fries with gravy and cheese) at RM9 it's because our previous visit we wanted to order it but the stove is not working so then was told we will get a compliment Dog Food on our next visit keke... The taste was a little cheesy and Maggie loves it!

We also crave for their pork ribs! yummmmmmy! it's the Soft Pork Ribs (400g) at RM29.50. It was really tender and the sweetness of the marination is fantastic! you'll definitely ask for more hehe...

We had also try out th Beer Boston Pork(marinate with beer, really!) at RM27.50 the meat it's really juicy and tender and don't worry you'll not get drunk after having this hahaha.. guess wart?! once you slice the meat, the meat will just melt!

All of us is pretty satisfy but still have some sweet tooth but not Maggie, co she does not like sweet stuff, so after awhile some digestion progress, me and Pam had decided to order a Apple Crumble with ice-cream at RM8. The vanilla ice-cream is so rich and the apple crumble is a bit warm and both combination is just awesome! and I have some models with the apple crumble too, check it out ;)

 Pam with tiny boobies, opps =P
 ta~da~ with Maggie and my hair is so ugly right now hahaha

Taste : 7/10
Value of Money :8/10
Business Hour : 11am-3pm

Address:  A-G-40 Jalan PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya.

Contact: 03-7880 0196


  1. I had seen this b4! The name is really "Dog Food" right? XD

  2. Kian Fai: haha yaya really called Dog Food

  3. more mouth watering... (dog food? yikes)

  4. Philip: hahaha name dog food but it's not a "dog" food hahaha



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