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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gelare Cafe @ E@Curve

I was having a pancake crave ever since I saw the banner of Gelare showing pancake with banana and last Monday finally I went and fulfil my crave satisfaction with pancake king Richard hahaha..

Gelare Cafe it's located just next to Maxis Centre in E@Curve, despite the business is pretty quiet.

Besides pancae, they do have waffles, sandwiches and gelato and their price is pretty decent too =)

So here it is my Banana Pancake stack of 2 at RM7.90! the texture it's not too soft which I like it so much compare to Paddington House of Pancake which way too soft.

Notice the beverage? it's not mine hahaha but belongs to Richard. Cafe Mocha at RM9.90
And this is the plain pancake stack of 3 at RM7.90

Summary: it's cheaper compare to PHOP and even I like the texture of Gelare's Pancake even more hehehe

Value of Money:7/10

Location: Level G-30 & 31 (next to Maxis Centre)
Mutiara Damansara.

Contact: 03-7725 7586


  1. Looks nice...but is it really nice? I mean the pancake, as compared to Paddington

  2. Gelare is very famous in Australia, I always hear ppl talking about Gelare in Australia. Woots the pancake looks and tastes alright. I shall taste it soon. Thanks for recommending

  3. Bernard: i prefer Gelare more than PHOP, Gelare texture anyhow it's not as soft as PHOP
    Crazy: ur welcome ^^



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