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Friday, October 28, 2011

Allo Paris @ Damansara Perdana

Allo Paris is a new fusion restaurant in Damansara Perdana neighbourhood. When I passby this restaurant during their renovation I thought it's some kind of high end restaurant but till I see their slogan "no boundaries, just fusion" that makes me feels safe to try or else my pocket will bleed hahaha... and it just open last week!
It's pretty huge of the whole area of the restaurant but it will be ice if the have some partition on, so it will be more cosy.

You can also find their bar which facing the facade
and their spider look-a-like lights looks so cool and able to z'hng the whole place, good choice hehehe...
As for the price wise, you will be amaze from lowest RM9.90 to RM27.90 range. Is it sounds like a good deal?  it was!

Somehow they have a unique Eiffel tower water bottle where the water is free but the bottle will be taken back hahaha...

I'd start off with a Potato and Crab Salad @ RM12.90, it's consisted of cubed potatoes and white crab meat in creamy sesame dressing tossed with spring onions, gherkins and crispy bacon but I don't really taste the bacon tho but it's definitely a good starter.

Had also order a Steak Sandwich @ RM12.90, with tender braised beef and slices of cheddar cheese drizzled in barbeque sauce, also served with potato chips and lettuce. Each bite of it will give you the nice aroma of BBQ sauce and the cheddar with the juicy beef steak. If I'm not mistaken the chips are from Lays coz it taste like it hahahaha..
Another sharing portion which is the Chicken Roulade @ RM17.90, it's a pan seared chicken breast brimmed with mushrooms(taste like truffle tho), also with a side of ratatouille and herb-infused butter sauce which taste like the garlic sauce of escargot. Nice combination of sauce and the ingredient, it's just like having fine dining in a more affordable price. I'll definitely be back to try on other dishes!

Too bad they do not have a dessert menu yet but their Cappuccino is good! and it just for RM5.90

My summary, it's a restaurant which worth trying and it's a good deal in town!

Taste: 8/10
Value for Money :9/10

Location: Ritze Perdana 2 (Wan's Corner)
No 3 Jalan PJU 8/1,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 PJ

Contact: Bryan Koh 03-7732 9909


  1. oh there.. i pass by everyday but didn't notice it.. lol..
    the food seems reasonably priced :)

  2. I live in DP I've pass by the restaurant countless time but I've never been there. Thanks for the review. Pretty interesting place :)

  3. u guys will definitely love it! ;)

  4. Value for money?
    I can find better food elsewhere.
    The food was neither French or fusion, more like a cafe style.

  5. gosh the steak sandwich looks so tempting! n darn those eiffel bottles are so cute! XD



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