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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Char Siew @ Toast & Roast SS2

This one afternoon, I'd look for my friend who works in Damansara Intan and he had brought me to Toast & Roast which I did not know what am I gonna eat this time. So from Damansara Intan we had walk towards Ken 2 Condo and from there we go across the blocked road which links to SS2 and ta~da~ we found a row of shoplots where there is a mamak at the corner and Toast & Roast at the center.

And yet I had no idea what are they special for and till I see their simple menu which all in English translate even the herbal tea sounds like this "leong cha", "pat bou" and etc which makes me notice that this business owner is a banana hehe...

Anyway, they are famous for their char siew which melts into your mouth and they do have small, medium and large portion to be choose on.
And to pair with it, you can order the plain Hakka noodle or noodle comes with char siew as well. For regular portion is RM4.50 and the large portion is RM5.50.
The only thing I hate about Hakka noodle it's oily but once in a blue moon doesn't matter but just make sure you do some exercise to burn it off too hehe...

Taste: 8/10
Value of Money:8/10


No. 20, Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya
(easier if you park at Tropicana and walk over passing by Ken 2)

016-682 2249


  1. That near to my place.. Nice Char Siew too

  2. owh bet u alwiz eat there hehe.. i love it so much

  3. eh...this is good!! always finding for good hakka noodles here in selangor...shall try...but not all hakka noodles are very oily la...haha only in selangor i saw...and nice looking char siew as well

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  5. My no. 1 char siew in my ranking :)

  6. walao! really delicious wor...
    i miss malaysian food!



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