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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hawker Stalls @ SS2

I can't believe that there's so much tables around this hawker stalls opposite Mum's Restaurant in SS2
and out of sudden I just feel like havin Indo mee so just bum into these hawkers coz most of them sell Indo  mee and please don't go near to the table until you found the stall you wana dropby else you will end up getting approach by the hawkers.

Besides the Indo mee we do actually order "lala soup" from stall 20 and it's own by an uncle but when you trying to order a aunty from stall 19 will approach at the same time due to they are competiting and if the aunty approach you first but you order with the uncle when uncle approach they will fight in front of you by using vulgar words.. pretty crazy but the aunty food is better hahaha...

Look around...

Location : SS2 open air hawker center opposite police station

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