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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shook! @ Starhill

It's my second time visit Shook and the first time was when I celebrated my 17th birthday and I still remember I don;t really like the tensed environment and end up nagging my ex why did he needs to spend so much just to bring me here but anyway after so many years Shook is still in the same condition but not that tensed anymore =)

I think I had sat the same seat where facing the escalator, pretty nice view I can say =)


And I like their table decor with the spices

A nice cutlery table setting as well

You will be serve with their house bread and the sauce they made is pretty nice too

Looking at the busy chef and they're playing with the fire! hahaha

First dish was serve and it was the spider maki and sadly it taste even worst than a normal sushi restaurant and I wonder why is the QC drop badly, it was so dry.

Next, we had the Foie Gras hopes it will helps us to open up our appetitie eventhough the maki was a lil upset but... the Foie Gras taste bad as well and we figure it that it wasn't a high grade Foie Gras coz it's a lil flourish taste ewwww....

Ok lastly one more chance to Shook, we had the Kobe medium rare and guess what the first piece they serve is SUPER DUPER SALTY and we asked for a changes and I taught that I had taste bud problem but no I'm not. And when second piece is ready we taste it and it is not a grade A kobe either and yet we're paying RM350 for this 200g kobe... sigh... what a pain in the arse..

Anyway think before you go for a visit as we complaint to the manager and yet he buat bodo..

Address: Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

RSVP : 03-2719 8535



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