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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Duck King @ Jaya One

Been listening a lot of ratings given to duck king which located at Jaya One long ago and finally I'm in mood for chinese food and I didn't know they don't just serve duck but they do sell others dishes..

Once seated, you will be serve with some tidbits and it's some sort of fired wantan skin with honey and it's good maybe caused it's sweet =P
Explore some new way of cooking vegetable which is using kailan but 2 way of cooking.. one of it is stir fried
and another is fried! yea fried deep fried... so the kailan leaf actually is crispy and it's the very 1st time I try deep fried vege where I found it interesting and yet killed all the vitamins hahahhaa...
We ordered the pig oil rice where the way they serve in a plate where to me that tiny clay plate looks like a dog food clay plate where I used to feed my dog ages ago hahaha...
We get a "ham yu fa lam bou" as well which it's call salted fish with fatty pork? hahaha... it's good and a bit of spicy brings out the Malaysian feel =P
Cordiments like Peking Duck? the thin layer of the duck skin wrapped with flour skin and dip with the sweet sauce and bite it in one mouth full it's just so awesome...and didn't know half of Peking Duck you will only get this much of Peking Duck wrappo
I thought the half of Peking Duck is only that few slices of wrappo but they actually used up the meat to form up buns!
I personally dislike the taste of the bun.. bun is nice soft but the duck meat seems pretty dry to me but I like it when I add on some sweet sauce..

Address : Duck King
Jaya One, 8-G, Block M, No.72-A
Jalan Universiti, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.



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