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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Genting Palace Restaurant @ Genting Highlands

Normally most of the people will dine at Good Friends restaurant for dim sum when they're in Genting. But do you guys aware of that there's is also a Chinese restaurant which serves good dim sum as well?

I'd went to Genting Palace with my family last weekend to try out the dimsum and surprisingly most of the dish is good. It's located just next to the entrance of Genting Casino.

And let me bring you through what is must order and which is depend hahaha

Lor Mai Kai is a must! it just melt into your mouth yum yum
You can either order or not to order the braised beancurd roll coz it's not a big deal anyway =P
I found that the prawn dumpling is just so-so only
Same goes to Siew Mai
But not to say no to the egg tart, it's so soft and smooth and not to left out crispy of the puff!
Their Shanghai dumpling seems different than what we used to eat and the taste it's just moderate
Had also order the Scallop Rice Noodle, it's soft and the scallop it's huge but there's only 2 pieces hahaha
My dad and aunt loves the pork ribs and it's a bit spicy and the meat is tender enough ;)
Last but not least, where you needs to but this into your list! which is the "Wu Kok" omg the yam it's just fantastic and smooth and it will just makes you scream out loud and ask for more!

Taste: 8/10
Value of Money :7/10

Address : (Next to Genting Casino entrance)
Genting Palace Restaurant
Genting Hotel, Genting Highlands Resort,
Genting Highlands 69000.

Tel: 03-6101 1118


  1. wow...long time din eat dim sum...

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  3. omg looks so yummmy~~~~ should try it out! thanks kelly !! >U<

  4. Yummylicious Dim Sum At Genting Palace .. Woot. But this post is making me hungry at this time

  5. the Lor Mai Kai caught my eye !!!
    i love chee cheong fun too!!..
    i just went genting last weekend.... aiks missed..

  6. Venus: den u have to go for it d haha
    Rascat: yea ;)
    John: haha hungry is good, u r too thin haha
    Maro: no worries Genting is near, u can dine anytime u're there hehe
    Keikei: hehehehehehehe

  7. the dishes looks tempting!! oh, i've added you in my blogroll list as well...

  8. Wow, delicious, I've been to Genting so many times, but didnt have a chance to try this place out. Will do on my next trip.

  9. Jamie: thx
    Thristhan: now u noe where to go hehehe

  10. wao yummy disum !! next time when i visit genting sure will go here and EAT !! :D

  11. u knw 8 out of 10 restaurants i ate in Genting r terrible, food is yucky and the prices are exorbitant.

    Glad u shared this awesome place, I'm gonnna look out for it.

  12. Wow, the lomaikai looks very tempting!

  13. Catherine: yay!
    dblchin: u r right nt much restaurants in Genting is good n actually some hidden once you just have not figure out ^^
    Quirky : the lo mai kai definitely a bomb! must try!

  14. Hi KELLY C,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.



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