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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh

** this is NON-HALAL**

Last week, I had went to Pao Xiang for a late dinner and had landed in one of their outlet which it's in 1Utama.
Interior wise it's nothing much but it's totally a new dimension of having bah kut teh under a air condition room ;)

They are trying to remain the continental feel by having the tableware in very classic design of rooster

Had order 2 different parts of meat which is the ribs
and the sui kut
And actually there's price difference for the meat in different outlet, so far I had found out that Mid Valley outlet selling at RM13, Kota Damansara RM10.50 and I had mine in 1U for RM11.50 not only price difference for meat but also on their rice and vege and tea or in short everything in the menu, you do not believe me? check out yourselves ^^

They only have one type of rice here which is just plain white rice
And also had order a "choy sum" vege for RM7 @ 1U and as mentioned price difference where in Mid Valley it's for RM10 for this plate of vege!

Summary: the bah kut teh it's not bad and it's hygiene enough where everyone will have their own portion in a separate heated bowl. And next time you know where to dine to save up some budget after some price comparison I'd research her and also the Question here is how come there will be price difference when it's a franchise? hmmm...

Taste: 7/10
Value of Money :6/10



  1. This is prove that Mid Valley Rental is more expensive than One Utama lol . . .

    If you would kind enough, feel free to mention this post is not Halal =P

  2. hahaha shall go check out the subang branch and see the price! :p

  3. Tracey: hahaha it's pretty fun rite by checking out the food and also comparing the price at the same time LOL!

  4. They have another branch in Setapak and Kepong. Wonder is it that nice. Shall try it some day. since there are so many branches now.

  5. wow! the place looks nice and the food looks delectable~~~

  6. Xing: the taste should be overall same
    Jamie: indeed the taste is good just price differences makes you annoyed hahaha

  7. I ate here before..OK ok nia!

  8. Thanks! Now I know which outlet to go to to save more money!! :D

  9. There is a branch at Kepomg which I think the price is RM 9.00 / portion :)

  10. Wen Pink: yea ;)
    Choi Yen: thx for sharing



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