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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tourism of Bangkok 12-15 March 2011

This is my 2nd Bangkok trip and the passenger next to Steven brought a GPS and he is checking out how fast is the airplane can go and it's so fast!
Once we arrive we head to the hotel and after went for grocery shopping to get things we unable to get in Malaysia. As you can see the milk tea it's really good n it's local product of Thailand and also the yogurt and prune juice!
 found a unusual flavor of chewing gum as well, the pineapple flavor which it's not sweet but extremely cool!
Steven also said Swensens in Thailand is way cheaper compare to Malaysia and it's really true. A chocolate brownies with 1 scoop of ice-cream it's just 89THB
 and they are having the summer promotions of Mango Sensation, for this 2 scoops of mango sorbet with banana and mango nata de-co-co just 99THB!! and the taste it's really gives u lotsa sensation yet refreshing!
Now let me show you what is good at these places I went, let's start with Huai Khwang Market where it's reachable via MRT and go to Exit 3. Huai Khwang it's a night market where it's only operates at night till early morning says 6am and over here it's famous for chicken rice and also the pig troter rice, where you can spot the stalls according to my picture and these stalls it's located at the busy alley where besides food there's also stalls selling fashions. Besides the chicken rice, there's also the local Thai salad where they smash the tomato, long beans n sliced papaya and serve.

Chicken rice it's a must eat, the belacan just simply makes you crave for more rice
 Pig troter rice, a bit gross if you look at the tray of braised pig troter but the taste is good
the making of thai salad
 End result of thai salad, you can also ask to add raw baby crab or cockles
Got no idea what fruit is this but it's selling along the alley of the night market

Next, the famous market in Bangkok is Chatuchak and it's only opens for business in the weekend. You can easily finds foods, clothes, household and lotsa interesting stuff here. You might get lots at this market as well coz it's like a maze

Food wise there's this awesome tomyum located at the alley on the right after you are out from Kamphaeng Phet station.
No farting sign is at the hawker stall
Besides the good tomyum, the other good stuff in Chatuchak is the coconut ice-cream where it's just at the entrance of Chatuchak once you are out from the MRT station. It's refreshing and you can choose your toppings too!

Besides that you must also try the milk tea in Thailand as their milk tea color is in orange color and this gentlemen who selling the milk tea did some stunt with his tea as well and he won some awards of "pulling tea"  (teh tarik)
Things which you can see in the market is a lady squat to choose tiny corn
 Man selling colorful beverage
Lady squat and selling raw/fresh honey with the bee hives!
 Fresh prawn being grill
 no idea what local delicacies is this haha...
 Stitch edition of crocs haha...
Street performer...

What shopping mall it's a trade mark in Thailand? Yes, you are right! it's the Siam Paragon.
Besides, being a nice mall selling luxury goods they also have nice delicacies! After you selling desserts and toast, their famous item is the Shibuya Honey Toast! it's located at the lower ground where the food court is
Besides After You, there's more food you can find in the food court which is sausage or pork ribs
and my favourite part which is the Thai pancake, it's crunchy with sweet coconut ^^
and guess what I found in the food court of Siam Paragon as well?! it's MOS Burger! with it's premium beef patty which make a different! but not the fries haha
love this shots of mine
Ok done with food, let's see what they have in Siam Paragon over the week when I was around... they have car luxury car exhibition from Bentley to Porsche to Lamborghini
Besides car exhibition, there's a newly open Madame Tussauds which opens in Siam Centre and had put some figures up in Siam Paragon to promote it.

And I got Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise and C.Ronaldo photo courtesy by Steven
Well done with mall, done with market and what's next? Let's explore the Grand Palace where the King lives and the only transportation to get there is by cab or car or bus and no train nor MRT. The trip fare by cab it's around 100THB

The entrance ticket to the Grand Palace is 350THB and it's so expensive but if u're Thai, u can enter for free!

 I'm being kiasu to have a headshot in the Grand Palace hahaha...

Khao-san it's just around the Grand Palace so Steven and I had ride on the Tuk-Tuk where it's a must ride thing in Thailand haha and tuk-tuk cost it's more expensive compare to a cab with shelter ~.~
What is Khao-san and what is in Khao-san? Well Khao-san it's just another area in Bangkok where you can find suppliers of jeweleries like silver and in Khao-san also you can find lotsa massage parlour with great deals!  tattoo shops, bars and ang moh(s) is all over! it's really another paradise where you can chill on and the budget hotel it's cheap 5-700THB only

There's this restaurant serve huge portion of Thai food where it's only 100THB but the plate of fried rice is huge! and this restaurant will turns into a party place later at night
 People stray around Khao-san street
a lot of street dread lock hair-do as well
 and look at the price of massage, it's all the same price! cool isn't?!
Bob Marley concept bar
and others things which you can see from Khao-san

Hope you guys enjoy my Bangkok itinerary and places I brought you through =) Enjoy your bangkok holidays!


  1. I always wanted to go Bangkok... Will go there soon :)

  2. hehe once u r there u will even go there often!

  3. I love the photo you post and I hope I can get the detail of food around..... going there in May =)

  4. Bangkok looks like a must visit place! :D

  5. Rachel: u can email me of which food u interested den i can lead you =)

    Tracey: yea Bangkok is a must visit and normally for 1st timer they will mainly go shopping at Pratunam where all the cheap n nice wholesale clothes selling there and plz do not go to floating market coz u will regret like I did in my 1st Bangkok trip last year

  6. maybe u can go with the tour guide, Mr.Steven

  7. LMAO kaka ciao ciao.. where is my C Ronaldo! hahaha

  8. plz go to get yr haircut before our BM date nex week



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