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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Frangipani KL

Celebrated my belated birthday in Frangipani was told that it will be a "la feit" dinner but end up go Frangipani only, and I don't care I still want my "la feit"!! haha...

A nice cosy place like a mansion, a real mansion like you lost in a maze. The entrance to the restaurant is like a trick maze because you wouldn't know that right behind the reception counter is actually a door but not a wall, that really amaze me with their architecture.

Once you get in, you'll see a nice beautiful dimmed square perimeter with a mini pool in between and tables was around it.

The table setting...

And they start with serving bread where I can't resist when I see a bread and their bread is awesome with the butter along.. oh my....

Next move on with appetizer where I found it's like non stop serving... and this is complimentary as I remember I did not order..

Next we had Torched Prawn Carpaccio With Crunchy Vegetable Brunoise, Dried Miso, Dried Black Olives and Chilled Tomato Juice. (don't ask me why they had such a long name coz I found out all of it is long....)

Next we had Soft Potato Blinis with Sour Cream, Moluga Caviar, Lemon and Cauliflower Black Truffle Foam.. (me myself personally dislike this coz the caviar taste yiks! like a bit sake pulling feel and need to eat the sour cream along.. oh my.... and i move on changing with my firned to scallop)

Drummm roooollllll..... for Pan Roasted Porcini Powder Dusted Hokkaido Scallop With Half Cooked Potato Sliced, Seared Porcini Mushrooms and White Gazpacho Vinagrette. This is fantastically awesome!!! i miss the taste... sob sob...

After the appetizer, they serve our most wanted to try Pan Seared Foie Gras With Apple Rendang Served as Rendang. Never see such presentation of foie gras before with strudels and you think that you will smash the whole strudel down when you wana eat it along with foie gras but it will not so don't worry and cut it ;)

Next get a complimentary item again, which is a sorbet to cleanse your mouth with all irritated rendang taste XD

After all this appetizer and starters you can't even finish your main course but we have to else it gonna waste food and money... So i had my most wanted Wagyu Cheek and the chef is being so generous by giving me such a big piece. Tender and mmmmm mm!

And my friend had Pan Roasted Duck Confit With Mustard Cream and Mashed Potato on a Crisp Potato Couronne. Love the texture and it taste like no other duck XD

After all this I feel so darn sick coz I think i sip on the white wine with my empty stomach and I quickly to the toilet and I wana leave immediately and soon after I got such a surprised where the waiter he say a burthday song and came back of me and I was like wht the.... but it's ncie after all =) and nice arrangement for the "cake" haha...

 Map :

Address : Frangipani Restaurant & Bar
25 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
RSVP : 03 2144 3001

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  1. Hi Kelly, may i know roughly how much u spend for one person to dine in frangipani?



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