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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leonardo's Dining Room & Wine Loft @ Bangsar

Never been to any restaurant at Jalan Bangkung Bangsar due to it's not too late then it's never think of it and just so happen was invited for a dinner there last night so I went and I feel I'm under dress coz my friend he wore nicely and m jz with my tee and mini's and a crocs! omg dam paiseh eh... but lucky Leonardo's is like a chill out place not too formal so I feel better.

A nice cosy restaurant with a lot funny dishes name.. and here I go I start with a starter Kentucky Fried Frog! and it really taste differently where every time I used to taste the Chinese "kiong chung thin kai" but this is fried taste juicy and yummmy!

Next we had Seared Scallop with a lil touch of Bacon as well.. and I love the salad which come along coz their dressing is nice.

Making sure I'm not over eat so I just order a Mamma Mia pizza and lucky the pizza is not a big portion but it's just a rectangular thin crust cut into 6 pieces liek a cracker size and the pizza crust certainly as crunchy as cracker and it's been long since 7 yrs ago I have not taste Jamon which it's a typical food in Spain and in Leonardo's yes i had it! and the most special in this pizza as well that they put salad on it.. so healthy. thumbs up ;)

My friend had a medium welldone Angus Steak and I taste it and I personally don't really like it coz it taste like pate.. yikks!

The most enjoyable time is their house Tiramisu, can't believe it was such a big slice a square shape size and with a glass of brewed coffee is superb.. still wonder what coffee bean they're using hahaha...

I found that they're pretty hygiene in everything coz even the rock sugar have a packaging with it and honestly my first time seeing it with a packaging and it's looks so cute.

There's one more dessert photo I will upload later on coz need some editing to be continued...

Map :

Address : 61-1 & 61-2, Jalan Bangkung,
Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
which actually at Bangsar only, dun confuse yourself with the address haha...

RSVP : 03-2096 2226
Business Hours : 5pm till late ( their till late really can up to 5am depends the crowd coz they have wine loft ma hehehe..)

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