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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TT Session @ T Jan Tek, Kuantan

A nice gallery where it's actually a cafe, it owns by a interior designer and I think it just part of his interest having a cosy place.
 The Inner Room
The Path
Walkway to the kitchen 
my model- just doing some test shot coz I just love the atmosphere so much ^^

As Jacklyn quoted when we're in Form 5 every independence day we girls should have a gathering and I think this is da only time after so many years we did it without notice it XD.

this is what girls do when the have gathering. everyone busy with some gadgets
and some will be busy reading books
or day dreaming

or maybe keep flipping books (actually I pretty like the book flipping effect hahaha...)

or a memorial with MJ?
A really nice place for a small gathering with some old shanghainese music playback and antiques furnitures, paintings, books, etc.. You guys must really dropby this cafe when dropping by Kuantan for a holiday.
Address: T Jan Tek

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