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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bukit Tinggi BBQ @ Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

Was invited to join Andy and friends for a seafood dinner at Bukit Tinggi and with no regrets by driving all the way to Bukit Tinggi as the food is fantastic delicious! Andy had mentioned as well that the owner do have his own "pattern" he only serve <10pax and he will actually chase customers which have a smaller amount. But if you are lucky and his mood is good, he will definitely serve you even you are just 4 pax ;)
Somehow you able to meet weird owner who will chase customer away, somehow you will find weird deco in the restaurant roof, where you can see a lot umbrella hanging on top with superstar signatures and wishes.

Yvonne lil nephew is such a cute lil handsome and yet cheeky boy, he is Seng Kiat, see how adorable he is

 Ok enough with umbrellas and also Seng Kiat, let's see what good dish we gets here, the 1st dish to be serve is the stew rice. It looks a lil ewwww... but the taste is totally a wow! yummy! I got no idea how to explain the taste but it was truly taste fullest with essense of everything nice ;)

The next one will be the steam seafood in a 3 layers steamer, where you can find not only fresh clams, but fresh juicy prawns and also crabs!

 After 2 interesting dishes, you must be wondering what is next, and here comes the lamb shank where the meat was so tender and also they homemade their mint sauce where it was irressitible!
We also got so lucky to try out the chef new recipe on this pig trotter and as usual, it never fail us hahaha.. the meat was tender and it was juicy enough
Me personally dislike chilly but I'm cool with cut chilli. Anyway, this green chilli was plant by the owner and had a bite on it and it was crunchy, maybe it's because own plant and there is no chemical fertilizer?! =P
Remember earlier we had this 3 layers steam seafood? well basically there is the essence of seafood under the pot and what they do with the essence is that they cook with vege and abalone mushroom. The taste is somehow fishy as the seafood taste is fishy hahaha
And last but not least, we also had a whole kampung chicken. To me, nothing special maybe I used to eat kampung chicken where my mum used to cook hahaha =P

Taste : 7/10
Value of money : 8/10
(for all this, it's only RM524 for 11pax)

Address: Follow the sign to Bukit Tinggi and it is just right behind the BHP petrol station.


  1. the umbrella is very interesting decorations...yummy food

  2. i will go to bukit tinggi this weekend! :D

  3. Very bad service! We ran away after arrival and be seated after 15 mins. So bad



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