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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fish Head Noodle @ SS20 PJ

SS20 fish head noodle is now in furnished with air-condition which just located at the shop lots opposite the former SS20 hawker stalls. The price is 5% slightly more compare to you dine at the hawker stalls.
 Me and Pam had ordered the same fish head noodle, which is the Haruan Fish Head with thick mee hoon. This is the most wine tasted soup of the fish head noodle as compared to the previous visit, and after this meal, both of us felt so weak and it's all because of the wine after effect hahaha... This is a half fried and half not fried Haruan fish and I found that the fish portion is smaller... hmmm....
We also ordered the longan drink and the longan is tasteless, bet all the sweetness of longan had been extract during the process? hmmm....
Once get the food, it's camwhore time =P
the normal look

and here comes the abnormal camwhore! haha

Taste : 5/10
Value of money : 5/10



  1. we'll know how the food was from your fren's (?) expression, haha!

  2. Snowman: soweee hahaha
    SImon: the expression just camwhoring only hahaha

  3. i miss having it during rainy weekend.
    but nothing compare the feeling of the hawker place aint it?

  4. M: yea d atmosphere at hawker stall is better haha

  5. Mmmm..... looks soooooo yummy! Certainly my kind of food :)

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  6. hey there,
    thanks for the comment on the food. Do hope that you dun mind i make a reply to your comment.
    1) My fish portion is smaller due to compare to other because what you had is actually HARUAN SLICE MEAT which is actually FISH FILLET, boneless unless its the fish fin part that you get. Its a difference to compare with others which are very boney. If you would like to compare the same kind of fish with other shops, you would be very surprise of the thickness of the HARUAN SLICE MEAT that i m serving.
    2) We also have another kind of fish which is SOONG FISH which is originally serve for fish head noodle. As for this fish we serve in big chunks.
    3) sorry for the wine part. next time you drop by do let me know to lessen up the wine which we are able to do so because we cook individually ala-cart style. Ain't want you to get a SAMAN for EAT AND DRIVE...hahahaha
    4) As for the mata kucing drink, i have to agree with you that the sweetness of the fruit is lessen to compare with others because we cook it without sugar to compare with others. This means that you can actually have it sugar free. i prepare it that way because most of my customers are health cautious and reducing the amount of sugar intake. All our drinks are freshly daily own-made where as u wan with or without or even less sugar.

    From James



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