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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kita No Zen @ The Gardens Mid Valley

 It's a new japanese outlet in The Gardens, was there 2 weeks ago and the week before I dine there, they actually had open their store but not the restaurant. it's the same concept like the Zanmai group. Kita No Zen, it's also another sub company of Rakuzen coz their design is more or less the same hahaha and even the menu.
 Duncha feel that their interior looks like Rakuzen in Empire Subang?

 Open concept kitchen which is the trend for all restaurant nowadays.
 table ware
 Jay said my arrangement like praying for my soft shell crab handroll ^^
 Dinner beef set with sushi! you can have beef with rice and also the same time sushi. two crave in one time! what a good combination ;) and it's only RM36 if not mistaken ;)

 this is the side dish which comes with the dinner set and this octopus is tasteless and it's pretty hard to chew
 Unagi dinner set! a huge scrumptious unagi! worth the money! RM26 if not mistaken

 I love this picture a bowl of rice
 Dessert is the green tea ice-cream with waffle and it doesn't taste good and not worth the money RM8.80

Value of Money: 7/10

Address : T-201, The Garden, Mid Valley. 
Level 3. Lingkaren Syed Putra Kuala Lumpur, 
59200 WP Kuala Lumpur


  1. my fav sushi place is Sushi Zanmai. shall check this out soon :D

  2. OMG... I want that unagi!!! It looks so yummy...

  3. Chuen: but this is under Rakuzen ^^
    Eve: yea the taste is not bad

  4. I ordered Sanshoku Don when I was here last month. My review will up tomorrow :p



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