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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Geylang Lor 9 Porridge @ SS2

It late at 11.30pm and we still haven't take our dinner and as usual late night dinner it's a bit of headache coz you got no idea what to eat as you wana "jaga badan" as well haha... cruising around SS2 PJ and Jay said that this frog porridge shop from Singapore it's good and here comes me to "makan"!

It's located at SS2/61 in PJ. A middle shoplot located in the same row as Red Island cafe.
As usual for the typical way of eating frog porridge is plain porridge with frog but the specialty for Geylang Frog Porridge is that.... you will have a gravy frog pair with plain porridge.
And I'm going to show you how to eat it ;)

First, order a most popular Chilli Frog.
 And a plain porridge
You have to mix both of this together
 To get this...hahaha
You will not believe how delicious it was even you mix the gravy of the chili frog into the plain porridge and yea it might looks strange for us people in Malaysia, but believe me you will as for more ;) nice gravy, fresh frog! yummy! For 2 frogs is RM22 and a pot of plain porridge RM3

Value of Money: 7/10

Address: 10, Jalan SS2/61, PJ, Selangor.
(A middle shoplot located in the same row as Red Island cafe.)

Contact: 03-78741233


  1. Mix in your own bowl? I thought you are going to pour all the porridge into the frog pot. Haha.. Anyway this look really cool, should taste yummy too I suppose.

  2. I am just crazy over frog legs and those look reasonably big :) Definitely a must have when I drop by SS2. Thanks for the post!

  3. wanna give it a try next time..but seldom go ss2 recently :(

  4. wanna try this for ages but the weather recently seem like not suitable to have porridge wor.. ;P

  5. Supia: yea mix into ur own bowl coz we aint gonan eat ur saliva hahaha
    Alvin: go go go!! hehe
    Irene: if u r ard den can go makan ;)
    choi yen: weather is hot rite? ok i will ask the weather consultant to give some rain haha

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Henry : if not mistaken is RM22 for 2 frogs and RM3 for a pot of plain porridge ;)

  8. OMGoodness... SS2? Okay, definitely got to try

  9. Daniel: haha yea SS2 only.. near near one haha

  10. I'm so scared to eat frog legs hahahaha

  11. 22 for 2 frogs?? Expensive.

    When I was young, I used to eat frog porridge. But we dun mix like this, but the taste was so sweet that we dun need to hav any soy sauce or any other seasoning to enhance the taste.

    but this is worth trying too ;p

  12. I thought Geylang full of "chickens"... but now plainly FROGS !! hehe...getting the wrong idea out of it !

  13. Wow, seems delicious la ! I want to try out that too, Hehe! =D Nanged for you gal ^^

  14. thanks guys for ur comment and ronnie i can;t help but keep kaughing on ur chicken n frog hahaha



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