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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cristang Restaurant @ Petaling jaya

One fine afternoon, we went too Cristang located at PJ State. Heard a lot review bout their famous pork burger and here we come for it.
 they do have P1 till P6 burger where P1 it's just pork patty, P2 is pork patty with bacon, P3 is pork patty, bacon and minced meat and P4......P6 hahaha

 Mango jusice for Juan
 Fried Squid Ring, very curry powder taste
 here comes the Devil On Horse Back dish, which it's a wrap of bacon with rosemary sauce. a bit too salty, i would say.
 house brew cappuccino. not that good. it's not a coffexx nor illy.
 Buffalo Wings. Hot and Spicy and also salty la!
 Here comes the P1 burger, which it's not as scrumptious when you see others P =P
 This is P2 pork patty with bacon.
 Check out the P3! with minced meat and it was way tasty!
Bacon Rib Amadilla. Maggie's favourite haha.. but to me it taste salty oso laaaa hahaha
 BBQ ribs.. quite a number of it
Hickory Ribs. tender and juicy and importantly not that salty haha...

Overall : it was too salty and i do not understands why people review and said it was SOOOOO good. Almost all of us said not good =(

Value of Money: 3/10 (so expensive la and the taste it's not that zhng)

Address: Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1 Seksyen 8,
46050 Petaling Jaya,

Contact : 03-7956-7877


  1. way overrated.....

    our food came out WARM... not HOT..
    the next table, a lady's burger came out cold. The cheek of the waiter had to ask do you want your burger to be hot? OMG....Classic...

    PLS ask ppl not to waste their time @Cristang. go Betty Midwest where the standard, and service is so much better.


  2. yea agreed! betty midwest the best and worth it!

  3. Betty's Midwest may have the best pork burgers, but you've obviously missed out on the Nasi Lemak goreng. Their signature dish!

  4. Kelly, couldn't agree more with u. And here i thought that only i had a problem with the saltiness!

    The pork burger would've been nicer without the salty taste. Compact and very filling. Nasi lemak goreng was nice with bacon bits and full of other ingredients (till i can't feel the rice in it!) but yet again, salty.

    What's amazing though is the restaurant owner, who appears to be very cocky and sarcastic to his patrons. Too much of confidence is his salty restaurant i guess!

    Overall, i would rate this plc 5/10 as its pricey but lacks quality. The only i loved was the ambiance and tranquility, away from noisy PJ.



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