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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laris Cafe Authentic Kelantan & Thai Food @ Solaris Dutamas

Was invited over for a dinner by Mune to his two weeks old cafe restaurant. Laris mainly served Kelantanese food from 8am-6pm and from 6pm onwards they serve Thai food. Laris is located at Solaris Dutamas and I bet a lot of you might be confused with Solaris or Solaris Dutamas right? Well, Solaris Dutamas is actually another area after by pass SOHO Solaris. If you know MAP Publika, so that area is call Solaris Dutamas and Laris is just the shoplot right behind the shop of the main road.
 Typical pot for Malay cuisine to wash your hand before you dine.
 Menu on board!
Superb tomyum! with mix ingredients like squid, beef, chicken, prawn, etc. The tomyum taste is purely tomyum and it's spicy and sour enough. it's not ordinary tomyum you eat out there with tomyum paste and this is pure with assam jawa! woot woot!
 It's so cheap RM6 for a bowl of tomyum and you can add noodles without extra charges.. cool isn't?!
Sirap limau is a must!
They serve Nasi Dagang everyday from 8am-6pm and you can choose either to have a curry fish or curry chicken for your Nasi Dagang. I don't really fancy bout Nasi Dagang even I was from the east coast and can have this everyday, maybe it's because of the rice it's sorta hard haha and the fish taste which i dislike =P

It's my first time having Nasi Kerabu, reason being of the colors that freaks  me out but after knowing from Mune aunt, the purple color it's actually from the flower petals. This dish is also only serve from 8am-6pm
This is "budu" where it acts like a chilli sauce but in fact it is not spicy but sorta salty.
You have to mix the Nasi Kerabu with the rest of ingredient in the plate such as coconut, vege, peanut sauce and eat it.. the taste is somehow different with good aroma.

Zhi vern's favourite Laksam, even he had finished the plate of Nasi dagang and he can still finish 60% of this. The taste of the flour noodle is plain but with the fish gravy it was ok and me practically don;t really enjoy it hahaha...

Murtabak Diraja Kelantan! this is really good and you can only get it from Laris, due to the supplier it's really from the royalty and this murtabak is only cater for the royalty but now you got lucky coz you can have it now in Laris! as they able to engage with the royalty murtabak supplier ;)
Got no idea how should I describe the taste, but it was delicious with layers of meat. This is only a quarter of the normal size of royalty murtabak. Imagine how huge is the actual size ;)
You have to pair the murtabak with the marinate onion, it's also a recipe from the royalty supplier.
Mune join us later on enjoying his dinner after staring at me and Zhi Vern finishing all the main course as he said he just after gym so it's not good for him to eat immediately hahaha... He had "Mee Kungfu" which it's a fried "beehoon" with gravy. After you eat this you will be as strong as Bruce Lee! hai yaaaa katcha!
Thai Mango Sticky Rice is also one of Laris special desert. the glutinous rice is not so sweet as compare what we have elsewhere and you have to eat this pair with the coconut syrup to get a enrich taste of it ;)
Pulut Inti, it's also looks like "kuih koci". I love the coconut aroma roasted with "gula melaka" it's simply delicious ;)

Laris have take-away door delivery service as well for the residence in Solaris Dutamas ;)

Value of Money : 6/10

Address: A1-G2-3, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur.
(it's almost towards the end lost)


Contact: 012-307 1834 (Mune)


  1. this is the first time i hear about Nasi Dagang!

  2. haha well nasi dagang is famous in the east coast says kuantan, terengganu and kelantan. but i dislike it haha

  3. I eat at Laris Cafe often (as i work here at Solaris Dutamas). Their food is delicious and very tasty. What lured me there was the scrumptious smell of Ayam Goreng Dara being fried (and u know how fried chicken smells, makes one SOOOO hungry!) Overall, price is ok, food good but they have to improve on service standards at times (food arrives late, waitress a bit impatient etc) Wished they had Nasi Ambang though..

  4. Today was the 2nd time i went to Laris. Our first exp(in Nov 2010 with frens)wasnt a good one as the waitresses didnt even bother to come n take orders and the food was costly. we decided not to return to the cafe but today all of us thought, wht the heck, its been few months now n maybe the service is much better since it appeared on tv twice so we headed there for lunch. we were very disappointed as nothing has changed n they actually dont really know the charges for the food as there are so many menus there. Please be aware and do find out how much your food actually cost before placing ur orders. It is very misleading and overall such a disappointment. Very sorry...



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