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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

iL-Lido Italian Fine Dining @ Jln Yap Kwan Seng KL

Il-Lido promises an all inclusive, stylish environment that is compliment by its impeccablecuisine and touch of warm, customer relationship service.

Was having a morning meeting last week and after meeting it was lunch time and while heading to the next meeting we passby iL-Lido along the way, so we just swingby for lunch. And of course I was surprised to have fine dining during lunch hour but well... we were there.

It was a stand alone building, where downstairs it's a slot machine place and upstairs is iL-Lido. As usual a fine dining place decor will be a whoaaaaa.... due to quietness, but lucky there is a few tables with some business people dining there as well, so we didn't feel akward =P
Once seated, as usual you will be ask, "Hi Ma'am, coffee, tea, sparkling water or still water" and to save money sure still water la hahahaha... and after they will serve you their house made specialty bread and it was really yummy! having too much bread in the begining will only kill us before main course to be serve >.<
Soon, the appetizer is served which is the tiny miny Salmon Roulette, it was salmon wrap vege, and the taste hmmm ok la..
We had ordered a set lunch which is 4-course, and some of the dish we have different types so that we could try more varieties. And here comes the Onion Soup with Croutons, the aroma and every spoon you tasted it was out of words, the taste is just undescribable where the rich aroma of onion and it even taste differently when you add in the crispy thin layer garlic bread.
The other item of the 2nd course is the Fish Cake with Tomato Puree and Avocado Puree. I found that a bit too dry for this dish and nothing much to shout =P
After the appetizer and 2nd course with losta bread, we were actually FULL!! but we still have to eat our main course right?! and you also would likes to know what they have right? And here comes the manager Beppe sending his regards and also doing his PR with us haha..
 ok..let's continue since Beppe left haha... we got Sea Bass with eggplant Caviar and Taggiacha Sauce for main course and I wonder how they grill the fish skin till it was so crispy ^^
The other main course is the Glazed Pork Belly serve with Mash Potato, there's is not much fats in it and again the pork skin is so so crispy even after you left it for 10mins, how awesome is that haha...
We starts burping after all what we ate and here comes the dessert which is Tiramisu, every bite give you different experience, whereby the Tiramisu taste bitter with the liquor and when you pair with a raspberry the taste just goes wow...
We were served with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and ummm cookies?! the dark chocolate it's soooo bitter and the white chocolate it's too milky and the cookies... ummm not good hahaha

Summary: Rating 9/10

The dining experience is good, and the food is really unexpected

Wonder how much is the total bill for a set lunch?? only RM138! haha... where else you can have fine dining with this kind of price?! So book now or bring your client for a unexpected dining experience ;)

Address: 183 Jalan Mayang
(Off Jln Yap Kwan Seng)
50450 Kuala Lumpur

T: 03-2161 2291


  1. that very cheap indeed...thought it would be expensive at first by looking at the pics

  2. M-knight: haha yea I tot it would cost a lot too, coz we did not ask how much is set lunch but we just proceed haha... lucky the bill turns out with a fair price hahaha

  3. Dropping by ere Kelly. Nice one there. =)

  4. those food u updated at ur blog never failed to make me drool LOL
    nice nice nice

  5. Adrian: sry ar sry hahaha
    John: thx

  6. You always eat good food. Hmm, the price is not bad for fine dining.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Tolanic: just coincidence jekkk.. and yes the fine dining price is a good deal but only set lunch! so spend wisely ya hehe

  9. woah... food looks delicious!
    Yummy! :D

  10. the ambience and food looks good. Reasonable price too.

  11. agree with that the ambiance is certainly very nice.. 9/10 is quite high eh.. will try out one day

  12. RJ: it was yummy!
    Chris : yea but remeber it's only set lunch ar
    taufulou: it's high indeed base on the service, friendliness, food, cleanliness, ambient, all good neh!

  13. OMG.. exquisite. Eh.. so cheap T_T

  14. Simon: u go there oso end up giving so high rating haha
    Daniel: oni set lunch, the ordinary menu cost is high hahaha

  15. everyday also nice food.... no hawker center !

  16. Chuen: yea but remember only lunch haha
    Ronnie: got hawker la.. who said no! >.<

  17. wow good price !!!!
    thx for ur sharing !!!

  18. me still will feel "sum tong" for paying rm138 for a meal :P



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