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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Typical Thai Food @ Platinum Mall Foodcourt, Bangkok

Platinum Mall is known as a heaven for ladies, me myself love it a lot as well. You can really find items from A-Z you name it. From Accessories to baby clothings, to ladies fashion, souvenirs, shoes, bedding and more! You will only feel lots when you go around, due to there's plenty of shops and all looks similar but it's not.
I'm trying on some headbands
How cool is it that they can customize a tuk tuk from a soft drinks can
 Let's get started which the food in their food court. I found that, you can find resonable yet delicious typical Thai Food in this food court. Imagine even I'm out to Siam Paragon and MBK for window shop, I still wants to go back Platinum Mall for food haha...

Their foodcourt is located at the 6th floor and you will needs to purchase a debit card from the counter, search for the food you wana eat and accumulate the amount and after get a debit card from the coupon counter
 After you buy your food, you will get a receipt to show your balance on card
My favourite food in this foodcourt is Seafood Tomyum with Glass Noodle, been having this for 3 days in a row hahaha... it's spicy and sour, even on streets I couldn't taste a tomyum as good as this. This is for 100thbt
Besides Tomyum my another favourite is Bird Nest! 100thbt as well, the lady who incharge in this stall speaks mandarin! haha lucky me.. gingko is free but max oso 5pcs, don't so over even it's free ok hahaha
My next favourite is the waffle! I never taste such a soft waffle before, perhaps is their dough making is good. I love their maple flavor ;) one piece is for 15thbt and three for 39thbt
 A waffle with bird nest is my breakfast of Day 2 when I'm in Bangkok hehe...
 Food that not recommend to eat which is the Takoyaki! it's only flour
 And this typical Thai pancake is too much flour too and it's 50thbt
You guys must be thirsty right?! let me introduce you to this cocktail juice in pink taste like champagne, sweet and the green glass it's guava juice

Location: The Platinum Fashion Mall
222 (Pratunum) Petchaburi Rd. Ratchathevee, 
Bangkok, Thailand 10400



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